This is a few weeks over due, but sometimes life runs away from me.

So, Sweater Eyes and Sunflower Skins had a booth at Shock Stock.. this was a significant event for both of us, as we were both launching our personal “brands” to the world, unafraid in our tutus and make-up and guarded by both dinosaurs and men (we were also guarding them so its okay).  After three very exhausting, frustrating, and exciting days, I immediately got the flu for an entire week.    But, with my HP restored, I finally give you a Shock Stock post.  To see the entire set click here.

Shock Stock was great.  The guests were all very friendly (well taking into account that they are still human beings of course), and the vendors were interesting. Guests included:  BETSY BAKER, ELLEN SANDWEISS, THERESA TILLY, HAL DELRICH, DYANNE THORNE & HOWARD MAUER, LINNEA QUIGLEY, JON MIKL THOR, MOLLY DUNSWORTH, NICK BATEMAN, ROBERT “John” SKIPPER

I don’t know how those crazy guys at Vagrancy Films got so many fantastic names in horror, exploitation, and cult cinema, but holly crap their guests were amazing.

The highlight of the entire expo was the film screening of Evil Dead.  Seeing as Vagrancy Films gained their infamy due to their throw back grind house screenings, it doesn’t surprise me that the event was memorable.  But how could it not be?  Not only did I get to see Evil Dead (one of my all time favourite movies since I was young) in a theatre, but I got to do so while literally sitting in front of four out of five of the cast members.  While we giggled and made our usual hoots, it was thrilling to hear them giggle too, poking fun at themselves.

I already look forward to next year’s Shock Stock.

I will have a more detailed post soon about our table, how we did, and what to expect in the future.



official itinerary:

4:00 pm – TOP SECRET SLEAZE 16mm FEATURE FILM hosted by Oscar Duke, VS.D. ( Vinegar Syndrome Doctor)
5:30 pm – TREEVENGE w / Hobo Q and A ( hosted by Grimbrother Jake )
6:30 pm – DEAD GENESIS (95 mins) Dir. Reese Eveneshen
8:15 pm – Terry Levene Speaks w / trailers
11pm – GRINDHOUSE GUSHER @ Rainbow Cinemas
2am – Rocco’s Afterparty @ the 488

Dyanne Thorne posing with Rocko



official itinerary:

10:00 am – SATURDAY MORNING VINEGAR — presented by the top secret sleaze
11:00 am – IF A TREE FALLS (80 mins) Dir. Philip Carrer
12:30 pm – Linnea Quigely Q and A ( hosted by James Bilo of Vagrancy Films)
1:15 pm – Feature Film followed by DVD taping of Q and A with Bill Zebub
3:15 pm – GORE EMPORIUM CONFESSIONAL (feturing Cloven Path Ministries)
4:00 pm – THOR – THE ROCK OPERA w/ Q and A with JON MIKL THOR ( hosted by Grimbrother Jake)
9:00 pm – THE EVIL DEAD @ Rainbow Cinema (cast Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, and Hal Delrich in attendance)
10:00 pm – ROCKER SHOCKER @ The Brass performance by THOR w/ special guests THE SILVER SCREEMS. PRIZES, COSTUME CONTEST judged by LINNEA AND THOR
2:45 am- Rocco’s All Girl Slumber Party @ The Garage behind the 488 (weekend pass only)

James Bialkowski riles everyone up bright and early Saturday

from the screening of Evil Dead at Rainbow Cinema



11:15 am – SON OF EL TOPO – Q and A with ROBERT SKIPPER (hosted by Bilo)
12:00 pm – AND THEN I HELPED (95 mins) Dir. Michael MagGot
1:45 pm – ILSA AUCTION
2:00 pm – CONFESSIONS OF A SHE WOLF Q and A with DYANNE THORNE and HOWARD MAURER (hosted by Fangoria’s Lianne Spiderbaby)




Finally! My Breakin’ post.. almost a week late (but I have my reasons.. I swear).

So last Wednesday, February 23rd, Vagrancy Films played the 80’s break dance movie Breakin’. I love this movie, and I remember trying to dance like that when I was about 5, in a leotard in front of the TV. So, without much further adieu.. some photo montages of the best moments throughout the night, plus some silly promotional shots the myself, Sweater Eyes, and Britani of Sunflower Skins acting up in the bathroom. Enjoy!

(click to see images larger)

Grimbrother Jake attending to business, amazing (and orignal) Breakin' poster, fresh burgers trailer, Wizard, and the most Anthropologically inaccurate Anthropology movie ever.

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Christmas is finally over.

So I was certainly busy this past Christmas, as I decided to make most of the gifts I gave to other people.
(click images to enlarge)

I made this Kodos plushie for my dad:

He is made with Neon Green felt, and post-consumer eco-filling. He stands approximately 7 inches tall.

This lovely octopus I made for my co-conspirator Sunflower Skins:

She is made with navy blue eco-felt, and post-consumer eco-filling. She is stands delicately small at about 4 inches, and is about 4 inches wide.
We also made Sunflower Skins perler bead coasters, but we actually failed to take pictures of them before giving them away. :(

For my mom and sisters I made home-mixed bath salts, using aloes and a variety of salts. I attempted making soap, which although I still included in their gifts (seen in the re-purposed match boxes in yellow), I am unsure how successful they are. With my mom’s, I also made a simple rice heating pack.

Merry Christmas is over!
Sweater Eyes.

Alejandro: contest entry.

I decided to enter this contest solely because most of the entries looked like shit and Gaga deserves some effort and quality. I have no idea what is actually going on with this contest.. did they announce winners? I don’t know.
This is a sneak peak also at a huge team photoshoot. Including: Korpolfr, SweaterEyes, Sunflower Skins and of course Thom Roland. All of their links (I shouldn’t talk in the third person, I myself am SweaterEyes) are on the right of my blog, for your enjoyment!

Photo by Korpolfr, Post Production by SweaterEyes and featuring SweaterEyes