What I’m Working On.

So, if you were paying close attention to my last post, you may have saw some of my plans and directions for my art.  I have always had a hard time focusing with art, but that is what I plan on doing… if you can call two completely different types of art and mediums focusing.  But, for me, as someone that has literally worked on printmaking, sculpture, painting, illustration, handicrafts, and photography within a span of a single month… picking two is pretty good.  So what two you ask?  Well, it’s going to be comics, and dolls.  Out of everything I do, I know I most passionate about storytelling and creating characters.  So, I think these two choices make sense and compliment each other.  Plus it lets me work in very different ways, even on the same project, especially with doll making.

So, right now I’m working on my Transit of Valari story.  Some readers may remember these horn girls from old posts and sketches, and I’m pretty proud to say that they have taken on a lot of personality, and have really grown from my initial ideas for them.  But you will have to wait for me to have pages more finished before I tell you more about them.

For doll making, my main goals involve finishing a lot of projects that I’ve abandoned over the past few years.  The first is my mermaid doll, which I still haven’t settled on a name for (any suggestions are greatly appreciated).  Currently I’m working on her finished box, and deciding on any finishing touches to the doll herself.  I posted a WIP page for her on Behance in March 2014.  No I’m not joking, and that’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but now is better than never.. and at least I have worked on the doll since those photos were posted, right?  One step at a time, I need to remind myself.

Lastly, I’ve been interested in improving my graphic design skills with fonts.  So I’ve started creating these motivational pages, which I may or may not use in a project in the future.  But for now, they are just fun pages to get warmed up with illustration again, and good mental reminders to myself.


page twenty seven : bang

page 27

So, I have been working on a few longer posts that I’ve been promising.. so they are still coming, I just don’t have a lot of extra time right now.  Also, I received my original piece of art from Abbie Diamond!  It is beautiful, and you will be getting a post about that fairly soon too.. Too much to do, no time to blog. Once the house is up for sale, and I have some medical things sorted out.. I should be back to regular posting.

Page twenty six: Months can Run

page 26

26 c page 26b

I am almost embarrassed that I have not posted sketch pages for *almost* two months.. but I don’t see the point in feeling bad about it.  I have a few pages prepped, and so you will certainly see a few more in the next week.  We are in the final push to get the house ready to sell (as in, papers are being signed today!) so I think I will have bit more free time to tell you all about what I’ve been doing (which is a lot).  Oh, and this page was another attempt at me drawing the same characters, only this time I decided to do them in a different time period.  You may remember this page, featuring two horned women whom I have already scripted a back story for, involving binary star systems, gods, sacrifice, and stuff like that.