the Mermaid {WIP}

Wheh.. just popping in for a quick update. Currently working on about four different projects.. a MH custom for my sister for Yule, an Amerindian cloth doll as a commission for a friend at work, a small series of cats and girls for a Christmas bazaar in November AND this mermaid.. which I started a few months ago and have had to put aside a few times to make room for well.. more projects.  I’m hoping to have her done in the next week or so, but with the other projects as great distractions, well she might take a little longer.   I’ve decided not to post any shots of her head.. because I think that a lot of her character is in her head and I’m pretty proud of how she looks so far, so I want to keep that secret a little longer.  Thanks for reading.



Welcome Winsint the Wampyre

Despite my poor updating skill lately, I have been very busy.. and not just busy working at Michaels.  No, I have still been diligently working on dolls, illustrations and stories.  Here is the newest, finished piece I have.  I called him Winsint while I was making him, because I enjoy to have a name to a face while they come into creation, but I ultimately left his name open to his new owner decide.  He is my first finished combination doll, that incorporates clay details with a cloth body.  He is also the first male doll I have made, so he really was a great learning experience.  I have a full set of him posted, including some great shots of him hanging out in the forest.  Let me know what you think over on Behance!  


Sailor Mercury: OOAK doll

So, admittedly I have a few finished projects that I have yet to post on here.. and two of them include dolls!  But, there was a reason I couldn’t post this beauty till now, which is that she was a surprise for my cousin, and this doll was sent across the ocean to England.  I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I had to wait!  I am insanely happy with how she turned out, despite some mess-up (like burning most of the pieces, breaking one arm.. sigh sigh) I managed to finish her, and I think that the broken arm turned out awesome, in the sense that I didn’t want to make another arm so I made it a gun.  This was my first attempt with Polymer clay, specifically Sculpy III.  I’m not entirely sure how I like using Polymer clay.. I enjoy that I don’t need to be constantly using water/ struggling against my distaste for dried clay on my skin, but I found that the clay got really soft, which made it harder to sculpt nicely defined features.  Baking clay in the oven also makes me incredibly nervous, and for good reason (note: burns on most pieces).  I have a few more different types of Polymer clay, I am willing to give it more chances in the hopes I get more used to it.

Here are some in progress shots, to see her completely finished, check out my project view on Behance!


Gardenging/ Eco Swap

So today I officially finished another swap (as in, both my partner and I have received our packages).  So that means I can finally post what I made and sent!

The “large” item that I made was this set of napkins/ tea towels what ever you really want to call them.  I hand-dyed and stamped them.  I only made two mistakes, which makes me happy.. and as far as I notice, I didn’t make any spelling errors.  I really enjoyed making them, it makes me want to stamp everything in the house.

Polymer clay plant markers with chalkboard paint.

Everything all packed up into a mini burlap sac and hand-made tag.

Another swap done!  Thanks for checking out what I made this time around.