About Watching the Grass Grow.

Almost a week ago now, my partner Korpolfr and I had the extreme enjoyment of being able to see a real legend give a motivational talk: Henry Rollins.  Over the past few months, a lot of things have changed.  I never expected to be working a near full time job (and two jobs at that!), it seriously cuts into my art time.  We never made back plans for too many things, and too many of things have happened.  But, seeing Henry Rollins I think was very healthy for both of us.  He is a fantastic speaker, and I recommend anyone to see if they have the opportunity.  The main themes or ideas that I walked away from that with was to not sit by and watch the grass grow.  Get out of your house, connect to other people, take risks, see the world.  This is how we have been trying to arrange our lives since Korpolfr went into summer break from school.  We have been exploring London’s urban forests and parks, biking more often, walking by the river at night to see the stars better, and generally just getting out more.  We biked out to a great look out spot to watch the transit of Venus.  We have been gardening like crazy, with plants multiplying all over the place.  My herbs are growing really well, and I think I could even harvest some of the Thyme soon.  I can’t wait to make fresh pesto!  We have also been a lot more social lately, it really pushes me to cook more healthy foods and more foods from scratch in order to be a little thrifty.  I’ve made this cake two times now and it is delicious, it is a house-warming gift for our friend tonight!  Any way, so this is why I haven’t made a whole lot of time for blogging.. I’ve simply been really busy doing so much other stuff.  But I am going to try to make more consistent updates from now on.  I have an exciting new on-going narrative project that I will be posting about sometime this week.  Live life, because this is it.  Enjoy this gallery of photos, until next time!

(Song lyrics from La Dispute – Safer In The Forest/Love Song For Poor Michigan off of their album Wildlife)



Jack Layton {1950-2011}

This past Monday, August 22nd 2011, Canada suffered an incredible loss.  We lost an amazing politician, and a family lost their father and husband.

I could write about his incredible political career spanning three decades, and his dedication to making Canada better, stronger, and fairer.  I could tell you how he changed Canadian politics when he led the NDP to be the Official Opposition (something that has for *years* been considered impossible).  But, I don’t feel that that is the true legacy that Jack Layton left for Canada.  He gave hope to a generation of youth that generally does not care about politics (or are otherwise bitter), hope that change can actually happen.  He accomplished this because we believed him when he said that he was fighting for our rights and equality.  He was a politician and a human being who was compassionate and honest.  (To know more about Jack Layton’s political career go here)

I never thought that I would ever be writing a memorial entry for a politician, let alone that I would struggle with tears as I do so (and by struggle, I mean I’m bawling, lets not lie here).  But Jack Layton will forever be a beacon of hope to me, as I know he will be for many other Canadians.  I feel that his death comes at an unfortunate time for my home city of London, Ontario.  While he was advocating progress, London feels to be regressing (an increased focus on seniors after unemployment rates increase, enforced curfews for youth, recent Anti-pornography and other censorship campaigns…).  Please, London, lets move forward with Canada.

Lastly, I want to express my condolences to Jack Layton’s family.  I hope that the outpouring of memorials and support across Canada eases their sorrow.

I believe that a better tomorrow can exist, but it isn’t just going to happen.  We have to make it happen.

Thank you Jack Layton for being a politician that Canada can proud of, I only hope that Canada honours your memory with progress.  I know that I can’t say this better than Jack Layton himself (to read Jack Layton’s entire last open letter go here)

My friends, love is better than anger.
Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better than despair.
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.
And we’ll change the world.

A Little Bit of Politics

I found this today, and I am pretty sure that there is nothing I could say in this lead in would do the piece justice. It is regarding American politics, and despite the fact that I am Canadian, I still somewhat follow it. Why? Because I think that America does influence Canada, and because we live in a Globalized world.


And if reading the article did not make the point clear, they even posted some of the hate mail they received on the article which only further proves their point.