the Start of Eve {WIP: MH Doll}

So, I’ve been working on finishing a few things.. such as this Monster High Ghoulia Doll that was my very first MH doll I found used.  I’ve painted and re-painted her face a few times so I knew it was time to create her into a full, new character.  I got this particular doll at a steal ($1), thanks to the fact that she was sans arms.  This was the inspiration for what to do with her.. I considered making her more traditional lady arms, but was unsure how to do the jointing to allow them to move still.. and in comparison to “real” MH arms, I thought they wouldn’t look very good.  But then, inspiration hit me in the face with a brick.. a faint memory of a stunning scene.  I remember watching my sister play the PS1 game Parasite Eve.  At the beginning, there is an Opera scene of a beautiful young woman, and suddenly everyone explodes, except for her: her arms explode and out burst these huge scythe like hands.  So, this doll’s name will be Eve.  With this weird, old memory in mind I started creating.  She still needs more work, but I couldn’t hide her from the world! (Also, I purposefully decided NOT to look up Parasite Eve during the design and creation, I don’t really remember what the original Eve looked like, but I wasn’t really interested in creating THAT character, just a character inspired by it!).


Anomelope {custom Monster High}

Okay, so I’m finally getting around to posting Anomelope, the custom finished Monster High doll that I gave to my sister for Yule.  She started as an Abbie Bominable, and after looking at a few of her customs online.. I knew that I had to make her beautiful, with big eyes, and that hair HAD TO GO.  All of the Abbie customs I saw made her into a bitch looking ice queen (which I guess is what she is supposed to be) but I wanted to give her a fresher personality.   I hate tinsel hair on dolls, it looks cheap, it doesn’t feel nice and frequently little pieces fall out every time you touch it (very true with this girl).  Being the first fully finished Monster High custom that I’ve done, I’m really happy with her.  I wasn’t able to sand her joints down, due to the fact that she is covered with a thick layer of glitter, BUT the glitter already made the joints a lot less noticeable than other Monster High dolls.  I was concerned about removing her face paint, and wasn’t sure how the glitter on her face would work.. most of it came off with the paint, but a nice thin layer remained, so her face is still a little bit sparkly (to still match her very sparkly body).   I also had no problem simply painting over the glitter on her body to add her “tattoos”.  I had sewn her dress, petticoat and arm bands.  Her *new* hair is a LIV wig, that I was lucky enough to find in a thrift store one time.  On the other hand, pulling out Abbie’s old hair.. was tiresome.  It took a lot longer than I expected, and I definitely pinched a nerve in my thumb (it felt tingly and painful for a month after).  It makes me re-think wanting to do a full re-root.  But at the end of it all, I loved doing this doll, I love how she turned out and I look forward to working on more (uh hello Miss Swamp Honey that I just got for my birthday..)

PS: Curious to see Abbie’s before?  Check out this post from last March which includes a shot of her when I first bought her! Thanks for reading.

As promised: new Diana shots

So yesterday I promised some new Diana shots.. I still need to work on her face a bit, I’m not happy with the lips area.. hmm.. I’ve been sanding and working on that part of her though, and realized that her legs are a little bit different lengths.  But I’ll work with that.  In other terrible news, I broke my hands and need to make new ones, sigh sigh sigh.  But, my new zine that I’ve been working on for Saturday is going along well, and is a good distraction from Diana.  Also, the other day while thrift shopping, I found this Monster High doll of Abbie, brand new still in the box… for an amazing price.  So now I have another doll that I need to work on.  Yay?


Ghoulia Yelps {WIP *new face-up*}

I decided to spend the night working on my face painting skills.  I’m actually really happy with how this one turned out, and I might try to just clean it up and keep this as her face for the art doll I’m going to make her into.

Tell me what you think!

Ghoulia Yelps {WIP doll alteration}

So, last year at my family’s Christmas, my nieces had Monster High dolls.  I had seen the dolls before, and honestly can’t say that I was overly fond of them.  But, I noticed how amazing their joints are, and that they had a lot of potential as dolls to modify.  I decided to keep my eyes open at thrift stores, and last month, low and behold my patience paid off.  I found a beaten and naked Ghoulia Yelps, sans arms, in a bag with two other dolls.  One of the other dolls being a pretty cool one too with separate glass eyes.. I will definitely keep that one to work on too.  What surprised me the most once I bought the doll was that there is a group of people online who modify Monster High dolls, obviously I’m not the only one who saw their potential!  Like most used dolls, her hair was in terrible shape, matted into a single piece.  So she got to have a spa day, so soak her hair and remove all of her ugly face paint.  I always remove the head from the body after the soak, because I don’t like letting the whole head sit in the water, plus I use the hot water technique to take the head off which is even easier when washing out conditioner.  Once the head is off, the factory face removed, and the hair brushed it is already looking like a completely different doll.  I’ve only tried to do one face-up so far, I’m going to wash her face again and try a completely different style.  I’m not too concerned about perfection at this point because I don’t even know what her new face to be, so I’m willing to re-do it a few times.  Any tips, criticisms or overall comments are always welcome!