A little late {halloween and a christmas bazaar}

I can’t believe that I have two bazaars this month, and currently I am sitting in between both of them.  One was last Saturday, held in Delhi, a town that I haven’t literally been in, in years.  The next one is on the 23rd, and in my more familiar (how strange to think) downtown London.  I have been working as diligently as possible, despite that I’ve been working a lot and now, I’ve been sick for the past four days.

Going back in time a little bit, I did manage to make a new costume this year for Halloween (barely).  We handed out lot of candy to kids, and my partner even made a few of them cry (he was pretty scary).  I’m going to update again before the Rag Bag Bazaar next week, because I want to show off some of the new darlings I’ve made (and by darlings, I mostly mean cats!).

So for now, enjoy these shots from Halloween, my costume is Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and my partner is Doctor Frankenstein.


the spring equinox

This week, in celebration of the Spring Equinox, I began a yearly ritual that most are indebted to do: Spring Cleaning.  I am not doing a one day sort of thing.. no, while I wait for warmer winds, I will work through each room, from top to bottom.  Including a lot of re-decorating (time to be brave!).  I started with the bedroom.  I”m happy to say it is actually almost finished, and I love how it looks so far.  Below I have included a teaser of how the room is looking (as well a good idea bout how Spring truly is coming along in London, Ontario).  But, at least Dante looks beautiful with snow falling behind him.

spring spring1

Page Ten: Why I want to go to Mars

For the final page of each month, I want to challenge myself with making a more elaborate page.  I spent a good night working on this little comic.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone in art, giving more expression to faces is something that I have been working on, as well as fearless marker usage.  Criticism welcome!

page 10a page 10b page 10c

page 4: — end transmission pull.

a new beginning...

learning how to use my senses…

Here is the next page of my art journal/ sketch book experiment.  Today, I also decided to check on my old tumblr account, which was used primarily to post senseless posts that were found online by my partner Hrafn and myself.  I was pleased to see that they have expanded their themes options quite substantially, and have some nice new options… the allure to move to a new blog is creeping in.. should I?  Would having another blog be too many blogs? Or would having another one maybe force me to be more organized, and possibly keep this blog a little more under control (in terms of what this blog is about and such).  Hmm …  I was considering making this blog more of a “lifestyle” type of thing, including my gardening, cooking, home decorating, and general events.  Since I write a weekly post on the Shock Stock blog, I get my fix of movie writing and photo posting from that.  I use my sweatereyes blog, previously used for my 365 project, as a casual art photography blog… choices!  Maybe if I properly link all of my blogs.. that would work better?  Gah. Why am I both indecisive and scatter brained?

art journal 3: a trip to the stars

page 3

I have been enjoying this journal and sketch book project.  I think that some of the sketches I’ve already done have some potential to work on more.. I’m happy with this two star cosmonaut kitty, he looks wise and totally ready to go into space, don’t you think? I’ve also had some new “inspiration” lately:

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So I’ve been playing a lot of Shepherd’s Crossing too.

So this is a quick update.. me squeezing in a bit of time when I don’t really have time to blog. I’ve been gardening, I started germinating two types of seeds today, so hopefully they grow!  We also started a new sweet potato starter, which we plan on growing with the bucket method.  Surprisingly, all of our other plants are doing well, despite it being pretty cold at the window, even the dwarf elephant ears in the bedroom (a room that is barely warmer than outside in the winter) are all around happy.

I have been working on a new doll.. even though I haven’t finished most of the other dolls that I’ve started. I really need to pick one and dedicate myself to finishing it.  But I have been doing some other art stuff, I’m using my new sketch book as an art journal, inspiration book.  I’m considering posting photos of my pages, I just want to have a couple of pages done before I decide.

I took this photo of Dante today, he was using me as leverage to watch the snow falling.

I took this photo of Dante today, he was using me as leverage to watch the snow falling.

To make my life even more divided in interests, I got this new Monster High doll for Christmas.  She’s a Lagoona Blue, and is some sort of beauty pageant sea-monster lady.  I look forward to stripping her of her face paint, and making new clothing for her!

Till the next time.

Lagoona enjoying some tea.

Lagoona enjoying some tea.

Our sweet potato.

Our sweet potato.

E-Di {the Quantum Singularity}

E-Di, was, and still is, a lot of things to me.  He was a best friend, a goof ball, a small heavy blanket, a frustration, he was the silliest cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He would chase after toys like a dog (and yes, would bring them back to us in his mouth and drop it with that look like “you’re going to come pick this up and throw it again right?” no matter where he decided to drop it).  He moved his tail like a feverish squirrel and was always making so much damn noise (so much so that when he first moved in, we couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t stop meowing, but we quickly realized that he just loved talking).

When we lost our little monster on October 13th, we knew that we would have a void in our lives.  E-Di was one of those kitties that insisted on following you everywhere.  No matter where you went in the house, you were tripping over an E-Di.  Late at night, he would love to sleep on your feet and he never had any qualms about you moving him about while he was sleeping.  As long as he was still with you, he was as happy as can be.

He was part of our lives, and the house is just so empty and quiet without him.  Even Dante notices.  It breaks my heart every time Dante jumps out of a room or around a corner, expecting E-Di to be waiting for him, to pounce and run and play.  Dante spends much more time around us now, and is a lot more hyper.  I guess E-Di was really keeping Dante in check all this time, and not the other way around like we always joked.

I just can’t stop thinking about how little E-Di deserved the pain he endured.  He had all the love to give, even if the love was in the form of licks and bites.  We wanted to bring E-Di into a big city, where he could look out at the hustle and bustle of busy streets and strange smells.  He would have loved having a beautiful view, instead of our grungy view of parking lots.

I know there will be people to read this and consider E-Di to be like any other cat, or to mean little more to us than what most people consider to be pets.  But E-Di wasn’t just a cat, or a pet.  He had his own unique personality, his own preferences, his favourite things, and things he hated.  I upsets to acknowledge that every cat is an E-Di or a Dante, they are all unique little creatures, well aware of those around them, and the capacity to have emotion.  Every stray cat that we befriend, we are simply trying to give them a little bit of comfort.  So many people ignore them, see them as problems or nuisances, and so few see them as anything that is alive.  I bothers me that I could never communicate with E-Di, to tell him how much he meant to me, and that we were trying our best to relieve him of the pain. The thought that E-Di was confused and afraid at the end brings me to tears.

It took me a long time to be able to write this post about E-Di.  I have had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that no matter what I do, I will only visit E-Di in my dreams and memories.  No matter how difficult it is, we need to keep moving forward.  We need to take this tragedy in our lives and funnel it into energy to make our lives better, reach our goals, and make new ones.  E-Di would have never wanted us to become sad sacks, he hated when we were on the computer past 9:30am, and never let us sleep in past 8:30am.  There are so many things I want to say about E-Di, or about the things I have thought about since, but I won’t.  For now, my energy will be put towards other things, and my thoughts of E-Di, life and death, will be contained to my private work.

My partner, who also wrote a post about E-Di (if interested click here), I feels ended it the best and I simply can’t say it better than this:

“My only hope is that billions of years from now, when I’ve become cosmic dust, my ions join with his forming a new star, and that we may be together forever.”

I promise I will carry you in me until the end, in unison.

Your Desperate Friend.