About Watching the Grass Grow.

Almost a week ago now, my partner Korpolfr and I had the extreme enjoyment of being able to see a real legend give a motivational talk: Henry Rollins.  Over the past few months, a lot of things have changed.  I never expected to be working a near full time job (and two jobs at that!), it seriously cuts into my art time.  We never made back plans for too many things, and too many of things have happened.  But, seeing Henry Rollins I think was very healthy for both of us.  He is a fantastic speaker, and I recommend anyone to see if they have the opportunity.  The main themes or ideas that I walked away from that with was to not sit by and watch the grass grow.  Get out of your house, connect to other people, take risks, see the world.  This is how we have been trying to arrange our lives since Korpolfr went into summer break from school.  We have been exploring London’s urban forests and parks, biking more often, walking by the river at night to see the stars better, and generally just getting out more.  We biked out to a great look out spot to watch the transit of Venus.  We have been gardening like crazy, with plants multiplying all over the place.  My herbs are growing really well, and I think I could even harvest some of the Thyme soon.  I can’t wait to make fresh pesto!  We have also been a lot more social lately, it really pushes me to cook more healthy foods and more foods from scratch in order to be a little thrifty.  I’ve made this cake two times now and it is delicious, it is a house-warming gift for our friend tonight!  Any way, so this is why I haven’t made a whole lot of time for blogging.. I’ve simply been really busy doing so much other stuff.  But I am going to try to make more consistent updates from now on.  I have an exciting new on-going narrative project that I will be posting about sometime this week.  Live life, because this is it.  Enjoy this gallery of photos, until next time!

(Song lyrics from La Dispute – Safer In The Forest/Love Song For Poor Michigan off of their album Wildlife)



A Walk in the Park {casual photography}

Due to the incredibly fair weather we have been having here in London, my partner and I decided to relax by having a mini adventure to the Thames River.  We got to climb trees, make bridges out twigs (we don’t recommend that…), crawl into possible animal hole caves (I shouldn’t recommend that either, but nothing came of it so.. go for it?) and just generally enjoy the outside.

Did I mention the gorgeous sunset we were able to enjoy?

The home organization is going great.  The bookcase that was in progress during my last post is done, and just needs a little fine tuning.  I also finished another craft swap yesterday, so expect a post about that in the next few weeks!


Danger Hold You To Me (pt1.2)

The cats act differently now too. Instead of purring and cuddling, they hiss and hide away in the basement. Maybe they are angry that we had to board up all the windows. Maybe they do not like him anymore, can they tell the difference? I think so. They still (reluctantly) come to me when I feed them, but they do not let me hold them or rub noses with them anymore. I hope it’s the windows.

It has now been two full weeks.

He has been distant. I am no longer sure that he is even the same person. Can I love someone who is no longer there?

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Danger Holds You To Me (pt.0)


This could be a fairy tale. One of those ones, where the girl goes through hardship, and struggle only to be rewarded in the end with a prince and happiness. Or maybe one of those fairy tales that end in the (not so innocent) young woman turning into sea-foam, or eaten by the big bad wolf. The morning does not always bring comfort. In reality, most fairy tales do not have happy endings, I mean why would any girl marry some guy just because he came along and raped her in her sleep?