page twenty seven : bang

page 27

So, I have been working on a few longer posts that I’ve been promising.. so they are still coming, I just don’t have a lot of extra time right now.  Also, I received my original piece of art from Abbie Diamond!  It is beautiful, and you will be getting a post about that fairly soon too.. Too much to do, no time to blog. Once the house is up for sale, and I have some medical things sorted out.. I should be back to regular posting.

Page twenty six: Months can Run

page 26

26 c page 26b

I am almost embarrassed that I have not posted sketch pages for *almost* two months.. but I don’t see the point in feeling bad about it.  I have a few pages prepped, and so you will certainly see a few more in the next week.  We are in the final push to get the house ready to sell (as in, papers are being signed today!) so I think I will have bit more free time to tell you all about what I’ve been doing (which is a lot).  Oh, and this page was another attempt at me drawing the same characters, only this time I decided to do them in a different time period.  You may remember this page, featuring two horned women whom I have already scripted a back story for, involving binary star systems, gods, sacrifice, and stuff like that.