What I’m Working On

So in my previous post, I mentioned that I was donating some of my creative wares to a charity silent auction at work.  Since I work at a craft store, I guess it shouldn’t be THAT surprising that many of my co-workers are also super crafty!  But the hand-bound books hanging out beside my doll I’ve already put some bids on.  Pretty!

I’ve donated a few older stock items, such as dino plushies and keychains, but also one of my new Pocket Rag Dolls.  I have sold two of these girls so far, and do plan on getting the rest of them up on Etsy in the near future.

I’m working on more Pocket Rag Dolls, with a bit more diversity.  But I’ve worked on the pattern for this doll for a long time, and despite how difficult they are to make (mainly turn), I don’t think I’m going to alter the pattern for the next batch!  I’m also really happy with my final packaging design for the dolls.  Packaging is something that I’ve been trying to improve on to make my pieces look for professional and finished.

Here you can see my little Rag Doll in amongst the crafty stuff.  Consider this a sneak peak, because I’ll be posting a bigger album with more Pocket Rag Dolls later this week!



What I’m Working On

So my main project I’m trying to finish is my old Mermaid.  I’ve been finishing up the top coats of her skin, and I’ve been working on her hand-painted box.  This is my first fully painted box that I’ve created for a doll, I really like how it is turning out so far, plus it lets me add to the character of the dolls I’m creating.

I also finished a second motivational and floral drawing.  Tonight, I’m going to be starting a third.

I didn’t make any progress on Valari this week, so either that or my Thalia comic will be a focus for the coming few days.

In a World without an End or Beginning.

Hello World.  After a rather extended break, I have returned.  I’ve struggled with exactly how to start back up again online, and I’ve decided to keep true to one of my life mottos and just start.  But that isn’t to say I am just going to wing it, which I must admit was my previous (unsuccessful) approach with blogging.  I’ve really sat down over the last year, and started to sort out what directions I want to go in artistically, and now it’s time to start obtaining those goals.  I’ve started now by making a simple blog schedule, and weekly social media goals.  Since I work full time now, I have a more regular work schedule, which should be able to translate into a more regular online schedule (it WILL, it MUST!).  But blogging on a regular basis is only one slice of my 2016 resolution pie..

Last year, my New Years resolution was to start a more professional website for my art.  I can’t say that I failed at that endeavour.. since I did create a more professional website, however I never actually finished it, and I never updated it.  Crap.  Going back to it, I’m actually still really happy with what I’ve started with and think that I can work with it without major overhaul.  In fact, I even looked through WordPress themes expecting to update this old blog, but was surprised to see that I still love this theme the most (book lite if anyone is curious).  So I’m deciding not to update my core themes, but I do have plans to update photos, bios, and other pages.  I know where I fucked up my resolution last year, which was a lack of organization, and a lack of specific goals.

This year, my mantra is “Finish Shit”.  I have a lot of idea debt (I have to admit that I just read about this concept, I think it’s a fantastic way of looking at it and highly recommend reading Jessica Abel’s post about it here), multiple projects that I’ve literally been working on for years.  But since I’ve still invested a lot of time and money into these projects, I’m not willing to let go of them, but am instead trying to be excited at the prospect of FINISHING them.

Overall, 2015 was really.. strange.  It was a year of firsts, and exciting plans.  It was my first year working full time.  It was the first time that I’ve had my art and comics published outside of self-publishing.  I started planning our wedding, and my partner graduated from post-secondary.  But with all the hustle and bustle, depression started to consume us.  While it is great to not worry about having money to buy groceries, suddenly there was no time to shop for them.  While I have fantastic opportunities to get my work published, suddenly I have no ambition or energy to create.  It became easy to simply sleep, work and occasionally eat.  But, it’s time to be real about our depression, how it affects us, and how we can work to overcome it.

So, I know what you are thinking, this all sounds like a lot of ambitious goals, a lot of big lofty goals that are going to be really hard (I mean, who casually drops overcoming depression as a New Years Resolution along side scheduled blogging, meal planning, and basically an entire life overhaul, but I suppose my logic is that by improving certain areas of my life, I will be less affected by depression.).  But I have a plan.  Actually, I have A LOT of plans.  But I’m going to start talking about those more in my future posts.  Originally, I was planning on making this post include more about the specifics, but it was holding me back on writing this.. because to be honest, I haven’t worked out the details on some of them, and I’ve actually already realized that I need to re-work my plan for my blog.  But, this is a good thing!  I have to accept that I won’t get all my life goals sorted out perfectly into schedules and lists before starting to follow them.. I need to start small and work up, find out what works and doesn’t work for me.

All that being said, one of the biggest things that I think anyone can do for themselves if they are suffering from depression:  Get out of your house and go for a walk.  All of the pictures I’m sharing have been taken over the past few weeks while on walks in the forest with my fiance and life partner, Hrafn.  No matter the weather, it has always been worth it.




Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I keep promising, but if you just found a pond a mere 5 minute stroll away from your house that is filled with frogs, you might get distracted too. If you love frogs as much as I do, check out my new series, Frogs of the Secret Pond! I love all the frogs, but I think that this guy is my favourite, which one is your favourite? Let me know! (click the picture for the link through!)

These Days we Breathe more Rapidly

From the excitement and no longer the anxiety.

Hello everyone,

I’m Hrafn and over the previous weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the London Indie Media Fair jointly with Rin, organized in part by ArtFusion and The London Public Library. This was a day of many firsts for me-first zine self-published, first public artistic endavour, first public sale, first event in the black-all in all, an amazing day of firsts. I went to this event multiple years as a customer, so it was interesting being on the other side of the table.I found it really quite  awesome seeing so many different ages coming together supporting local culture, and the community giving back to their artists. One of my favourite events of the day was held by the London Ontario Media Arts Association – making your own 16MM film strip. I’m an avid analog film fan so this was the perfect activity for me. The LOMAA table had blank (and film strips) to: colour, scratch, cut, and re-tape together, AND the projector/separate to show your animation!

Amazing finds were: Daisies And Bruises‘ Letter to My Younger Self- A quaint little zine that deals with teenage depression and learning to love life through it, Nicole Markham‘s Radio Riot-a very DIY feeling zine about culture/freedom/music and Chana Prana- a beautiful Indian Vegan recipe book based on her travels through India, a Fallen Love Records co-founder’s zine Wires- about a punker growing up while keeping old ties, Melissa Hall’s custom wooden painting pins, Grit uplifted-A local magazine featuring writings and art by those affected by homelessness, and EVAC‘s create your own pin service.


The other side of the table, I kept my breathing constant.

So, this adventure all started about two weeks ago.  A friend of ours told us about the upcoming Indie Media Fair.. an event that we had attended multiple times, but always managed to find out about the night before.  But not this year!  I was thrilled to get a half table (which by the end of the day turned into a full table, which I would definitely want us to have next time the entire day).  So, that entire week and a half, we were busy.  Being an Indie Media Fair (emphasis on the media part), I wanted to work on the zines that I had started last year, plus some book binding.  I learned a new binding technique, which is still simple but I think a great step towards the types of books I want to make in the future.  I also used the event to show off Diana for the first time, and I got some wonderful feedback from a lot of different people.  Plus, even though we spent a bunch of money there supporting other artists and media makers, and had to pay for our table, we still made a profit! I also included a photo I took today of all of our plants together.. normally they are spread all over the house but due to some house repairs and decorating, all the plants get to hang out together.  So many!  But now that this event is over, and we had a good time, we are already looking forward to our next event.. it may be the Rag Bag Bazaar on Dundas Street in June.  I’m hoping to have some finished (and for sale) dolls by then.  Also, if we have included any of your stuff from Saturday and didn’t credit you, please let us know and we would be happy to include you!  Thanks for reading!  – Rin.


This has been a joint, guest post with my lovely partner Hrafn.  This entry is cross posted on his blog, but he is also a writer and zine maker, and so please take the time to check it out!  Click here to go there.