Well it feels pretty soft to me.

Hello again, as things in life go I’ve managed to lose track of time.  I can’t believe that this weekend is already the Rag Bag Bazaar, which means that this week is a crazy rush to pull everything together and finish projects.  I do lament about how I wanted to get *so much* more done by this event, but I have been insanely busy with, life.  In the past week alone I *conditionally* sold my house, and went in for surgery (which allowed me to go cuddle with my kitty Dante, who is staying with my parents while the house is for sale *sad*).  Our garden(s) is thriving, we have carrots, cucumbers and lettuce in the back, plus geraniums, marigolds and snap dragons.  I’ve never tried flowers before, so I can’t wait to see them grow!  The geraniums already have flowers (one I bought admittedly with flowers on them already) which are a beautiful hot pink (love).  Since the weather has been ideal, we’ve been going mushroom hunting, although personally I am more interested in different types of mosses and Sporophytes.  Now that things are kind of settling out, I will make more time for blogging, in order to catch up on some posts that I should have done a while ago.  Things are certainly moving forward, I will allow myself to get pulled by the waters, I just hope that I don’t go under.   Here is a sneak peek at some of the new work I’ve been doing, and will be available this Saturday the Rag Bag Bazaar.  Hope to see you there.



but what will it take to make my life sound like that?

Sometimes life just keeps moving forward so quickly you don’t even know how you got there.  I have been working like crazy the past few weeks, really pushing to get the house ready to sell.  Looking around, and hearing the echoes (because we have hardly any stuff left in here) is starting to make me feel anxious and like I want to take a break.. but I have to keep going!  This will all be worth it in the end.  Despite the bathroom renovations, insane amounts of painting I have to do, and gardening gardening gardening, I’m still making time for art, and more specifically: doll making!  I am almost done another doll, which I admit, should have been finished two weeks ago.  I can’t post any more photos of her, because she is a surprise.. but soon soon.  Despite how busy I will continue to be for the next few weeks, I have a lot of sketches in my book that are still not posted, so I think I will try to get those up as quicker posts to break the silence.   But anyways, did I mention how I had to be incredibly brave and actually stand on this ladder in my bathroom in order to clean and paint the ceiling?  Those pictures show where the ladder goes up on the wall, which is supposedly 10ft.  I hope I never have to spend a (full) day on a ladder like that again (because I know I still have to go up the ladder to finish up and touch up the wall paint).   On a final note, I finally figured out what the weird things growing in the palm are: yellow flowers!  This also made it a lot easier to identify the type of plant it is, which is a Chamaedorea elegans, aka Parlour Palm.

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I haven’t forgotten about Shock Stock!  I still plan on doing a more personal post about the weekend, including some super cool buys.. plus another feature on two doll makers that were vendors.  Very excited to share some of their work!  But, I have posted the Official PVT Shock Stock 2013 photos on the VHS swap blog here.  Oh and that is a photo of myself and Joel M. Reed!

New Bread, Plants Plus a MYSTERY

So, I have been super busy the past few days, so this is another quick update.  Despite working on stuff for the Indie Media Fair, I found some time to make bread, but this time this isn’t a no-knead bread… no, this is a bread that lovingly took about an hour and a half to knead (if added all together of course).  The weather has been erratic, yet our plants seem to be pretty happy (although Dante wants to eat most of them, sigh).  Also, our tropical palm has grown these strange tendril things.   They are kind of soft, with little nubs on them.. there are about three or four of them?  Does anyone know what they are?  But, of course I know most people want an update on my doll.. well check back tomorrow because I promise I will have some new photos of Diana!

So I’ve been playing a lot of Shepherd’s Crossing too.

So this is a quick update.. me squeezing in a bit of time when I don’t really have time to blog. I’ve been gardening, I started germinating two types of seeds today, so hopefully they grow!  We also started a new sweet potato starter, which we plan on growing with the bucket method.  Surprisingly, all of our other plants are doing well, despite it being pretty cold at the window, even the dwarf elephant ears in the bedroom (a room that is barely warmer than outside in the winter) are all around happy.

I have been working on a new doll.. even though I haven’t finished most of the other dolls that I’ve started. I really need to pick one and dedicate myself to finishing it.  But I have been doing some other art stuff, I’m using my new sketch book as an art journal, inspiration book.  I’m considering posting photos of my pages, I just want to have a couple of pages done before I decide.

I took this photo of Dante today, he was using me as leverage to watch the snow falling.

I took this photo of Dante today, he was using me as leverage to watch the snow falling.

To make my life even more divided in interests, I got this new Monster High doll for Christmas.  She’s a Lagoona Blue, and is some sort of beauty pageant sea-monster lady.  I look forward to stripping her of her face paint, and making new clothing for her!

Till the next time.

Lagoona enjoying some tea.

Lagoona enjoying some tea.

Our sweet potato.

Our sweet potato.

Re-Focus, new ideas: Move Forward.

I admit, that I have had some difficulty with blogging lately.  I realized the other day that the reason for this was that I wanted this blog to be more focused on new art, crafts and decorating that I was/ wanted to be doing.  The problem with this was, that my partner and I have been crazy focused on simply de-cluttering, and being serious about paring down our belongs.  I haven’t had a lot of free time to work on the sort of stuff that I want to be posting on here more.  But, I am certainly very busy with my time; so, my solution to this is to simply be blogging about what I *am* doing.  We have the biggest garden and array of plants than either of us had ever had to take care of on our own.  I bake and cook most of our food from scratch, we buy very little prepared foods now.

A few weeks ago I was also given an amazing little tin recipe card holder from my mom.  I am kind of excited to fill it with my own recipes and all of the recipes I have adapted over time.  Did I mention that it actually includes recipe dividers inside?  To celebrate this amazing little addition to my kitchen, and to really force me to write out recipes and therefor put them into said holder, I am going to be posting full recipes and tutorials on some of my favourite and most popular recipes.  I don’t know if food is something that I will continue posting after this series, but we’ll see how it goes! So far, I have two recipes already done for the series and have at least two more planned.

My partner and I have really been trying to garden and experiment with plants this summer.  I have successfully grown Thyme, Oregano and Basil from seeds.   We also have a rather healthy cucumber plant growing in the back yard.  But the real show stopper was this guy that popped open yesterday:

A Sunflower!

This flower had been growing for some time, it’s stalk was all hairy and ugly, and to be honest we weren’t really sure what it was.. but we let almost anything grow if it wants to in our garden, especially if it is tall and weird.  I had suspected it was a sunflower last weekend, but wasn’t really sure.  I was really delighted when I saw this yesterday though, and today the flower looks even better!  It’s too bad that the leaves are all chewed up by bugs, but it is still so pretty.

We also have some blue flowers that grow every year around our back cement pad, we’re pretty sure they are considered weeds but they look and smell nice so we like them.

Outside garden area: sweet potatoes, garlic, pineapple, cucumbers..

A sweet potato we are growing!

So, although I am very excited about all the plants, I don’t think that I want to continue posting them on here.  So for this summer I am going to be posting plant and garden photos to my facebook page here.

I am also still planning on posting my Dante Vs. the Kraken story as it progresses.

Thanks for reading,


About Watching the Grass Grow.

Almost a week ago now, my partner Korpolfr and I had the extreme enjoyment of being able to see a real legend give a motivational talk: Henry Rollins.  Over the past few months, a lot of things have changed.  I never expected to be working a near full time job (and two jobs at that!), it seriously cuts into my art time.  We never made back plans for too many things, and too many of things have happened.  But, seeing Henry Rollins I think was very healthy for both of us.  He is a fantastic speaker, and I recommend anyone to see if they have the opportunity.  The main themes or ideas that I walked away from that with was to not sit by and watch the grass grow.  Get out of your house, connect to other people, take risks, see the world.  This is how we have been trying to arrange our lives since Korpolfr went into summer break from school.  We have been exploring London’s urban forests and parks, biking more often, walking by the river at night to see the stars better, and generally just getting out more.  We biked out to a great look out spot to watch the transit of Venus.  We have been gardening like crazy, with plants multiplying all over the place.  My herbs are growing really well, and I think I could even harvest some of the Thyme soon.  I can’t wait to make fresh pesto!  We have also been a lot more social lately, it really pushes me to cook more healthy foods and more foods from scratch in order to be a little thrifty.  I’ve made this cake two times now and it is delicious, it is a house-warming gift for our friend tonight!  Any way, so this is why I haven’t made a whole lot of time for blogging.. I’ve simply been really busy doing so much other stuff.  But I am going to try to make more consistent updates from now on.  I have an exciting new on-going narrative project that I will be posting about sometime this week.  Live life, because this is it.  Enjoy this gallery of photos, until next time!

(Song lyrics from La Dispute – Safer In The Forest/Love Song For Poor Michigan off of their album Wildlife)


Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! {adventures in sprouting micro greens}

{Disclaimer: Okay, I admit I said that I was going to post this yesterday… remember when I said I don’t go on when my partner is home?  Well he got home early yesterday so here we are!}

On Monday, in my never-ending quest to try new things, I decided to try to sprout some of the Chia seeds that we have in the pantry (normally for eating purposes).  I had been wanting to grow micro greens for a little while now, and so when I realized that I actually had a type already, I had to do it immediately.  This is the website that provided me with all of my information on sprouting (not that I followed it perfectly but still), they also have more info on other greens and plant life. 

Step One! Place a single layer of seeds into a shallow dish of some sort (I used a spoon rest for this initial experiment). I have since realized that I was not supposed to put so many so close together, but they still seem to be growing okay.

Step Two! Put just enough water into the dish to cover the seeds, then let it rest where no kitties will disturb it.

After an hour or so, the water will turn into a type of gel, this is because Chia seeds are a Mucilaginous seed (and this is essentially what allows us to grow them without any soil).

Here you can see how thick the gel that forms actually is.

(sorry for the bad photo, late at night!) This is a full day and a few hours after "planting" them, you can see the hulls already being shed and the sprouts coming out like little worms.

Once the sprouts started growing, I covered the dish and put it in the sun. I did this on the fourth day.

So, now I can start to see my first fuck up, being too many seeds on the plate (I doubt the ones in the middle will grow at this point, I may just scoop them out so that the rest have a better chance of success). The sprouts that are coming up are starting to turn green though!

Not Chia seeds, but I snapped this photo yesterday after taking this loaf out of the oven. I really want a proper bread pan, so that I can make bread that is not perfectly round (or super oblong), but I am still kind of impressed with how quickly and easily I can make a loaf of bread now.

I plan on trying to grow a lot more micro greens over the summer, now to just find seeds…


Since I wrote most of this on Monday, added to it yesterday, and am posting it today, I thought it would best to post the most updated photos available.  Over the night those little sprouts managed to do a lot:

Green sprouts!!

Thanks for reading, if you have any tips or advice, or if I have done something that is terribly incorrect, please let me know in the comments!  I haven’t done this before, and I would probably be described as having a black thumb.