London’s Anarchist Book Fair

So a few weeks (oh god, has it really been a few weeks already?) ago my partner and I took part of London (Ontario)’s Anarchist Book Fair, I believe the 3rd Annual.  This time around it was held in At^lohsa Native Family Healing Services.  First off, wow this space was FANTASTIC!  It was roomy, bright, and had a variety of spaces for workshops, and even an eating area.  In retrospect I wish I had taken more photos of the beautiful architecture and details of the space.  This was our first time with a table at an Anarchist book fair, and honestly we weren’t 100% sure how we would do.  Technically speaking, I don’t consider myself an Anarchist (I don’t subscribe to formulas yo), and have some pretty mixed views on politics and social structure.  When forced to label myself (or my art) I usually settle on Existential Naturalist.  Anywho, the book fair was actually quite successful.  It is always so re-assuring to have positive feedback from others, it makes the work feel that much more satisfying.  I want to congratulate my partner on completing a second pamphlet zine, and nearly completing a third!

Also at the book fair, an artist collective called the Beehive Design Collective had a huge, and beautiful mural up for display.  They also sell poster prints of these (double-sided that gate fold open! super super cool!).  They also had someone talking about the metaphors and meanings of the pieces, which were actually really thoughtful and well planned.  I always appreciate art that has symbolism and meaning that doesn’t make me roll my eyes.  They have a lot of neat patches and their webstore is sliding scale to help with the pocket-book.  I highly recommend checking out their website here.

I really par-downed my display for this event, since we were going straight from the book fair to our annual street party, fireworks bananza Burn the Kids.  Plus being a book fair, I wanted to focus on paper products.  For this event I did have a new item, a series of original drawings in mini glass bottles.  I filled the bottles with little precious stones and rocks that I have collected from different parts of Ontario.  I called the series Keeping It All In (Ontario).  I think I will make a Behance project for these guys (or I suppose I should say gals), with more information.


Rag Bag Bazaar and Dundas Street Festival June 14 2014

So this past weekend, my partner Hrafn, and I had a table a local art bazaar and street festival.  This isn’t the first Rag Bag bazaar I have taken part in, and certainly won’t be the last.  It reminded me that I need to start posting on here more often, because surprise!  People actually want to be able to find me online, and see my new work online (or I suppose work that I have now finished).  So, I’m going to try to at least update everything I have online and maintain this blog with WIP updates more often.  Also, please feel free to contact me through e-mail anytime with inquiries about items you have seen at festivals or custom ordering.

Now, on to the Bazaar… It was an up and down sort of day.  It was insanely windy, which meant that my display had to be very flat, and very weighted down (seeing your art get blown onto Dundas street doesn’t make your stomach feel too great as it turns out).  I think it negatively affected some sales, but I just tried to be encouraging for people to pick items up.  Unfortunately my always openness for people to touch resulted in disaster… even though I never suggested for this particular child to touch (he picked up some of our mini zines and alien crayons and thought they were free and tried to walk away with them..), he then proceeded to pick up my most recently finished doll (one which I haven’t properly documented) and literally rip her arm off.  Jerry tried to catch up with the kid and mom, but they were quick to flee after the incident.  :(  I guess this means I will have to keep my dolls farther back and only allow adults to touch (with a stress on being gentle).  The sad part is, is that my dolls really are not that delicate.  I have dropped them at home, or have had Dante pull them off of a table (or pushed ahah), without any breaks.  But I’m confident I will be able to fix her arm,  luckily it is covered by clothing at the break.  But in good news, I sold the last two catopi from my series, the last prints for a few designs, and most surprisingly (and most painfully) I sold Diana and Lapin.  Diana and Lapin were my first finished clay doll set, and part of a larger story I have been working on for some time.  It was incredibly thrilling to have someone love her enough to take her home!!  I hope that wherever she is, she is being admired.

The biggest “reveal” of this show (I always try to have at least two different and new items at a show), was the hand bound book I put together.  It is 24 pages long, includes one longer story, multiple fragments, bird girls with floating islands, space cat comics, and some sneak peaks for other ideas I’m working on.  I learned a new binding technique, and hand stamped each cover.  I received a lot of positive feedback about these and look forward to creating I am filled with ghosts vol. 2.  I will be posting more about this release on my Behance page within the next week or so.  My partner also created a new zine for the Rag Bag, it is called Alone.  He also learned new binding techniques, and he even added belly bands.  I have to admit, I’m pretty damn proud that we both finished our books on time, though it did result in us literally have two hours of sleep before!


Nuit Blanche {June 15th 2013}

Woe, I’ve almost caught up on “events” blog posts.. thanks to the fact that I have spent the last month and a half working constantly and sleeping.  Hurray!  Back in June, we went to Nuit Blanche, here in London Ontario.  It’s an art festival that takes place at night.  Although I have to say that I was a little disappointed by this year’s events.. the main street was just kind of, meh.  BUT, one of the locations was celebrating Katamari!  Which is probably one of the coolest games ever made.  Uber Cool (the store that was putting on this particular event) even made a giant ball that you could use to play Katamari on the wall outside.  Or, how about picking out some forgotten toys to add to a real-life Katamari?  Both were fun!   Oh yeah, and there were even people dressed up as Katamari characters!  Another location that we really liked was called the DHMakerBus, which is a pretty interesting project that involves video, road trips and hacking the fuck out of an old dirty bus.  We definitely wanted to check it out because it was put on by LOMAA.  It also involved a weird audio video experience inside of the bus, which I think had some sort of user interaction.  They have a site about the bus here.  We also watched a poetry slam, but I felt too awkward to photograph it.

Free Comic Book Day 2013

In keeping time with my previous post, which featured art “inspired” by the Venture Brothers.. I thought it was only appropriate to post about my partner and I’s experience at Free Comic Book day 2013.  We look forward to this every year, the local comic book stores in London, Ontario are great.  Heroes Comics is our favourite, for the deals and the employees (who are all great, seriously).  But we still love LA Moods too.  This year, we dressed up as Hank and Dean (with myself playing Dean).  What was even better was that we were joined by employees of Heroes comics (didn’t I already mention how great they are?) as Henchmen and Brock Samson himself.  It made for some really fun photos and a fun day.  I already know how I’m going to improve my Dean costume.. although I am always keeping my eyes open for the *perfect* Dr. Girlfriend dress suit.  (Plus, you get a bunch of free comics on that day, which is awesome!  The first Saturday of May every year! )



Also, I’ve rebooted my Garden and Urban Explorers albums on facebook as the summer is already upon us!  Check them out on my page here.

These Days we Breathe more Rapidly

From the excitement and no longer the anxiety.

Hello everyone,

I’m Hrafn and over the previous weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the London Indie Media Fair jointly with Rin, organized in part by ArtFusion and The London Public Library. This was a day of many firsts for me-first zine self-published, first public artistic endavour, first public sale, first event in the black-all in all, an amazing day of firsts. I went to this event multiple years as a customer, so it was interesting being on the other side of the table.I found it really quite  awesome seeing so many different ages coming together supporting local culture, and the community giving back to their artists. One of my favourite events of the day was held by the London Ontario Media Arts Association – making your own 16MM film strip. I’m an avid analog film fan so this was the perfect activity for me. The LOMAA table had blank (and film strips) to: colour, scratch, cut, and re-tape together, AND the projector/separate to show your animation!

Amazing finds were: Daisies And Bruises‘ Letter to My Younger Self- A quaint little zine that deals with teenage depression and learning to love life through it, Nicole Markham‘s Radio Riot-a very DIY feeling zine about culture/freedom/music and Chana Prana- a beautiful Indian Vegan recipe book based on her travels through India, a Fallen Love Records co-founder’s zine Wires- about a punker growing up while keeping old ties, Melissa Hall’s custom wooden painting pins, Grit uplifted-A local magazine featuring writings and art by those affected by homelessness, and EVAC‘s create your own pin service.


The other side of the table, I kept my breathing constant.

So, this adventure all started about two weeks ago.  A friend of ours told us about the upcoming Indie Media Fair.. an event that we had attended multiple times, but always managed to find out about the night before.  But not this year!  I was thrilled to get a half table (which by the end of the day turned into a full table, which I would definitely want us to have next time the entire day).  So, that entire week and a half, we were busy.  Being an Indie Media Fair (emphasis on the media part), I wanted to work on the zines that I had started last year, plus some book binding.  I learned a new binding technique, which is still simple but I think a great step towards the types of books I want to make in the future.  I also used the event to show off Diana for the first time, and I got some wonderful feedback from a lot of different people.  Plus, even though we spent a bunch of money there supporting other artists and media makers, and had to pay for our table, we still made a profit! I also included a photo I took today of all of our plants together.. normally they are spread all over the house but due to some house repairs and decorating, all the plants get to hang out together.  So many!  But now that this event is over, and we had a good time, we are already looking forward to our next event.. it may be the Rag Bag Bazaar on Dundas Street in June.  I’m hoping to have some finished (and for sale) dolls by then.  Also, if we have included any of your stuff from Saturday and didn’t credit you, please let us know and we would be happy to include you!  Thanks for reading!  – Rin.


This has been a joint, guest post with my lovely partner Hrafn.  This entry is cross posted on his blog, but he is also a writer and zine maker, and so please take the time to check it out!  Click here to go there.

The Nights Grew Colder, and She Knew that the Summer was Over.

“What I did with my summer vacation”, a topic that is explored by many unhappy students of all ages.  It always seemed like a boring type of writing assignment that didn’t mean anything.  But really, it forces us to reflect on how we spent our time.  Everyone knew that come September, they would have to, either through an essay, small presentation, painting, or other, share with their peers their adventures and development.  No one wants to reflect on their past and say that have accomplished nothing, or did nothing with their time.  Nothing encourages activity more than summer in Canada, with the looming winter always ahead, summer time feels like the time to have fun and do crazy things.  Another reason why I think this topic is proposed to school children year after year.  Now, as an adult, I don’t have a “summer vacation” in the same sense, but I am still affected by the “Canadian ambition” of “using summer to its fullest”.   But, as an adult it becomes increasingly difficult to decide exactly what constitutes “productivity”, or development.  I think it is hard to be honest with yourself, and it is easy to occupy yourself with things that may appear to be productive but are really just a waste of time (or worse you consider something personal growth when really you have changed nothing at all).  Kids, when they talk about their summers, tend to exaggerate, to make their summers seem *special* or more exciting than their previous summers (or the summers of their peers).

This summer did not turn out how we planned, or initially wanted.  But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade (actually, I’ve made lime-ade, but it’s still the same idea).  I really tried to disconnect from the computer this summer.  My partner and I spent a lot of time together, exploring London’s parks and environment, the downtown festivals and events, local museums and art galleries, biking, picnics and sleeping under the stars.  We made a real effort to get out of the house a lot more often, and do more things out of the house that didn’t involve shopping.  It made us a lot closer, and it made us appreciate these moments in between work and chores.  It feels great to pack a day as full as possible and be able to plop on the couch at the end of it exhausted (but happy).

I think it was a good idea for me to take a step back from everything I’ve been doing online, and business wise.  It gave me time to re-evaluate exactly what I want and exactly where I want to go.

I’ve read so many books, that when I wanted to gather them together to take a photo of them, I actually can’t remember them all (plus, some of them were borrowed from friends, and some were borrowed from the library).  I have mostly read retro sci-fi and graphic novels.  Here is a rough list of books I’ve read:

  • the Day of the Triffids (John Wyndham)
  • the Midwich Cuckoos (John Wyndham)
  • Nebula Award Stories 8 (edited and introduced by Isaac Asimov, includes a great novella by Arthur C. Clarke)
  • the Umbrella Academy: the Apocalypse Suite (written by Gerard Way with art by Gabriel Ba)
  • the Umbrella Academy: Dallas (written by Gerard Way with art by Gabriel Ba)
  • Mice Templar Volume 2.1: Destiny Part 1 (created by Bryan J.L. Glass, and Michael Avon Oeming with art by Victor Santos)
  • the Possibility of an Island (Michel Houellbecq)
  • Coraline (Neil Gaiman)
  • Janet Marsh’s Nature Diary (Janet Marsh)
  • Atomic Robo: Volume 1 (written by Brian Clevinger and art by Scott Wegener
  • Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (written by Bill Willingham and art by a variety of artists)
  • Weirdling (Mike Dubisch)
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep V1 (written by Philip K. Dick and art by Tony Parker)

I have been working on new art.  I have a few new sketches, I’m just not sure what direction I want to go in right now.  Too many ideas and not enough time.  I want to focus on dolls and on a few detailed, small art pieces.  So that is what I plan on working on and posting in the coming weeks.  My partner and I have also been doing some space painting together, which is fun way to spend an afternoon.  I have also been doing a lot of writing off-line, and I want to keep working on that, but I think it is okay to keep that there until it a little more cohesive.  I plan on having one more recipe post, for my Hobo Summer Cake (name still in lingo), it is based off of a World War II cake recipe I found, but WWII Cake just doesn’t have a cheery ring to it.  I made a lot of these cakes, and since I would change some of the ingredients every time, not a single one tasted the same.

Another goal I had this summer was to expand my diet.  I have always been a picky eater, and I’ve never really pushed myself to eat different foods.  I wanted to include a lot more vegetables.  I learned that I actually *like* red peppers and zucchini.  We’ve also tried a few different types of mushrooms, including King Oyster and Enoki.  I’ve made soup using tomato sauce (made by my sister).  Personally, this is a huge accomplishment.  I have refused to eat all of those thing, basically my entire life.  Our diet is much more balanced now, and a lot healthier.  I’ve also learned how to make a variety of bread type items, I seem to be collecting flat bread and pita recipes.  It makes me look forward to Winter’s weather that longs for hot soup and fresh bread.

So, enjoy this gallery of photos, various cooking, the Monsters of Schlock, Critical Mass, space art, the North East London Community Market  and SPIDERS. I am also still updating both my gardening and urban explorers albums on my facebook page here.

Also, I have been contributing a blog post every Tuesday on the VHS Tape Swap/ Shock Stock blog of photos.  Check it out the first post here!

Thanks for reading,

OSHEAGA 2012 {the Beautiful, the Bad, and the Ugly}

This is going to be a mega-post.  I considered breaking this post into a few smaller posts, however, as the weekend was a never-ending death ride, I thought it was appropriate to recreate that insanity in blog-land.  Our adventure started on Wednesday August 1st, and came to an exhausting end on Monday August 6th.  Also, although I have watermarked these images as my own, there is an equal chance that some of them were taken by my partner Hrafn.  We are still working on our joint watermark, and so for now this will have to do.

Wednesday August 1st

This day we had to get to Toronto, we left at 11am.  Since we were relying on a ride, it is hard to gauge exactly how long it took to get to Toronto.  We made a brief stop at the Pacific Mall and browsed among all the cute stuff before heading downtown.  There, we had drinks with a friend, before going to the bus station to wait for our midnight bus out of Toronto (oh and after drinks we trekked with all of our bags to the Eaton Centre to spend a gift certificate we had for a store there, why to we do this to ourselves?).

Thursday August 2nd

This is more like a continuation of Wednesday… this day started with us waiting to board our bus at the Toronto station.  We waited outside for a while, to make sure that we were at the front, this was an overnight trip so it was important to get seats together.  The first bus that pulled up looked awesome.  It had outlets, WiFi, and huge seats.  But, when it came to board, they asked whether we were only going to Ottawa or if we were connecting to Montreal.  Since we were connecting to Montreal, we were shuffled onto the standard, dirty old Greyhound buses, with no outlets.. no WiFi.. le sigh.  We finally left Toronto at 1am.  We made one stop at around 3am, which was fun and ending in the two of us singing SprawlII while looking at the stars from the edge of a super parking lot.  We arrived in Ottawa at 5:30am and then left for Montreal again at 6am.  The ride to Montreal was stunning.  It was incredibly foggy and the moon huge and full.  We got to Montreal at 8:30am, exhausted (we didn’t really sleep on the buses).  First we went to our rented room (be booked through Roomarama, which is a great site for cheap places to stay)(we got a room for only $40 a night!).  Once we dropped all of our stuff off, we explored the area of Montreal we were in.  We found a cool old cinema, a super highway cutting through the city, a Dora the Explorer graffiti piece, and more.  It was insanely hot this day, plus we were tired, so we bought some snacks and food and headed back to the room for an early night.

Friday August 3rd

First day of OSHEAGA!  We made a brief stop downtown though, where we ate at the fanciest Harvey’s ever (a huge wall of beautiful, real plants and one-of-a-kind art pieces).  We didn’t really have plans for the first part of Osheaga, so we just sort of explored some of the art, the general grounds, and the techno music (because it’s fun).   We did this weird video thing, that allowed us to go up into a VIP area during Radio Radio (where we got free Red Bulls and chips, win).  After we decided to try a pizza cone (I wouldn’t recommend them) and sit on the hill during Franz Ferdinand’s performance.  It was starting to get close to Sigur Rós, so we filled up our water bottles, threw on some make up, and tried to get as close to the stage as possible.  We got surprisingly close, and we got to enjoy Florence and the Machine’s set with a nice view of a screen.  Sigur Rós was *amazing*.  It was everything that I was hoping, it had beautiful videos to accompany their haunting and melodic music.  The elements were even in their favour: as night fell, insects flew sporadically in the beams of their lights and a huge, wide sky of stars opened up.  It was magical, and a night I will never forget.  But as soon as the transcendental performance of Sigur Rós was done, we had to (literally) run across the festival to see the last four songs of MGMT (including a new song called Alien Conquest!).  But, the festival still wasn’t over, we ran back to the main stages to dance for a solid 20 minutes to Justice.  It was exhausting and exciting to see three of our favourite bands, back to back.  But now, we had a problem: 25 thousand people wanting to get off of this island.  OSHEAGA was obviously not prepared for this, as people flooded the metro and spilled into the rest of the park.  The only signage we could see was a nice reminder that, if you needed to buy metro tickets, you would need exact change.  There was no other information about how to get off the island, or anything to suggest that walking off the island was a terrible terrible idea (I admit we should have investigated this beforehand).  But, with the prospect of waiting hours in a crowd of people, just to cram into a hot, smelly subway, we decided to take our chances and walk off of the island.  We were still walking as midnight came and left, and so, the rest of this day adventure begins on Saturday.

During Franz Ferdinand.

Sigur Rós.

Sigur Rós.

Sigur Rós.

MGMT with fireworks on just the other side of the trees, and ending the night with Justice!

Saturday August 4th

We finally reached the main island of Montreal at around 12:20am (so around 1.5 hours of walking, which included crossing three bridges, and asking two city workers to fill our water bottle up with a hose they had).  We actually found our location on a map, and the closest metro station, but for some reason we decided to take a cab from that location.  Only problem?  The cab driver decided to go onto a closed highway to get to our room, resulting in us bailing on the middle of a huge highway, climbing down a torn apart exit ramp, getting a free ride from another very nice cab driver to the metro, finding out the last metro of the night had already went by, realizing we were still multiple kilometres away from our room, and finally taking a third cab which actually got us back.  I think we finally got into our room around 2am.  Nightmare.  We hated Montreal.

So, we started Saturday off with a bang, that resulted in us having a rather slow start to our only free day in Montreal.  But we mapped out where we were going, and had a few simple goals in mind: record stores, thrift stores, and somewhere good to eat for cheap.  We found two cool record stores, found a single of Shout by Tears For Fears.  We ate a great little place that sold mostly pastries and sandwiches, we ordered grilled cheese and they were delicious.  The only letdown was no real thrift stores, they had a tonne of vintage stores, but the types that sell that at outrageous prices.  Unfortunately our spending money was tight so we went into those stores to look more than to shop.  We also got to see a lot of beautiful street art.  Despite how frustrating Montreal is, there is no arguing that they love both plants and art, and that is fine by me.  Saturday night we had to prepare for leaving Sunday, but we still had fun exploring the house we were staying in.

Our delicious grilled cheese.. look at the amount of cheese! And the bread was thick and fresh. So good. From a little sandwich place called Stella’s.

Sunday August 5th

The final day of OSHEAGA!  Before going in, we decided to take a look at the Montreal Biosphere, which also had a bunch of cool, large-scale macro photography outside.  But, Sunday was all about one thing: Zola Jesus.  When we got into the festival, we immediately went to her stage, even though the performer that went on before still had not been on stage.  It was fine, we were willing to wait in order to be front and centre for Nika’s beautiful voice.  It was raining this day, but it was not keeping our spirits down.  Finally, Zola Jesus started, and so did the rain.  We were soaked.  After two songs, the stage manager came out and told her that the set was cancelled.  She begged to do one more song, but they didn’t let her.  As this was happening, it stopped raining (and it didn’t rain for another hour).  We were incredibly disappointed that she was not able to continue.  But, she did come out and talk to a group of fans, we were able to get a photo with her and talk to her briefly.  I tried not to be too upset, I know that I will see her perform again, and it was still worth it to go just to hear two songs.  But I still blame OSHEAGA for not having the stage set up properly to allow for rain, they are an established festival, they should have been able to handle the amount of rain that we had.  But we trekked on.  We got stopped by two large security guards who asked to check our bag, we asked why and they said “because I want to”.  Since we had nothing to hide we let them go through our bag (they even made me open up every part of my wallet).  Fun!  So we went and danced at the electronic stage for a bit.  Then we headed over to see Santigold, which was intense to say the least.  We won a free computer mouse from the Microsoft booth (as well as free sunglasses), and we got a free photo printed.  The mouse is actually kind of cool looking, we just received it in the mail yesterday.  We found some friends in the afternoon, and enjoyed a few more bands while we were blasted with winds and walls of rain (such as City and Colour, the Shins and Bloc Party).  We had poutine and pizza during a lull.  We were soaking.  But we didn’t care once Metric came on, and then we ran to hear a bit of M83.  The last band we watched was the Asexuals, a Montreal punk band.  We left OSHEAGA later than we originally planned, and we paid for it by being stuck in the subway (that goes under the river) for about 15min, oh and they turned the lights off, had no air conditioning or air flow, and then only spoke to us (elbow to elbow) over the PA in French.  Did I mention how much I love Montreal?  I not going to lie, I was a little terrified.  But we survived, and we ran like hell when we got off that subway.  We were the first ones in line at the bus station, which is where we ended Sunday.

Zola Jesus, so lovely.

Zola Jesus.

Metric was surprisingly nice live.

A bit of M83’s crazy universe light show, and we ended our Osheaga experience with the Asexuals.

Monday August 6th

Normally, the 12:30 bus out of Montreal is dead.  The bus driver told us that he frequently only has 2-5 people.  But not this night.  There is a line-up that is looped all over the place (and that is why we insist on being early).  It is clear that everyone will not fit onto the bus.  Then, we find out that our bus is a lot more complicated than we thought: We have to wait in Ottawa from 3am-7am (when our connecting bus to Toronto leaves).  This sucks.  We know that a lot of other people will be doing this.  Sleep looked dismal. When we arrived in Ottawa around 2:30, we were pretty grumpy.  But, luck was on our side and Greyhound decided they couldn’t let 30 people sleep in Ottawa’s bus terminal over night (including a foreign family with three very young children), and so we got on a bus to Toronto around 3am.  We got to Toronto around 8am, and we were expecting our ride around 11:30am.  When we finally stepped back into our home it was 3pm.  It was a pretty crazy ride.  But I got to read a lot of great pulp Sci-fi stories.

the Beautiful

The entire performance of Sigur Rós.  We took the most photos of them, and we will be uploading a set to a new project we are starting on the Behance Network.  I am still just working out the logistics of the site, but check back for a link soon! Edit: We have the set up now!  Click here to see.

Montreal loves plants!  Everywhere you looked, huge plants were growing, in pots, in the ground, in houses.. on roofs… you get the idea.  We especially enjoyed these huge sunflowers we found on a side road!

Sunflowers that are at least 9 feet tall (some more than 10feet!)

Street Art! Every side alley was filled with murals and creatures and messages.  This is going to be another Behance project, and this post will be updated with a link when it is ready!

The Bad

The schedule on Friday night, why did you have to overlap Sigur Rós, MGMT and Justice so much Osheaga?  Why??

The prices and variety of merchandise available (plus how it was all set up).  They had vinyls hanging on a wall hardly visible from the buying table, not that they had any decent vinyls any ways.  All the shirts were expensive, and even Osheaga items were kind of outrageous (who pays $15 for a lanyard?  Seriously?).

Zola Jesus’ set being cut extremely short.  I would have put this into the Ugly, but it balances out a bit because we got to actually meet her and talk to her, which would not have happened (I expect) had the set went normally.

The Ugly

Getting lost in Montreal on Friday night, I’m almost happy that we don’t have any photos during it, we only have these two lovely photos from the beginning of that mess.

Getting trapped on the subway on Sunday.  I don’t normally mind subways, it’s the being trapped thing that bothers me.  Plus the only French messages didn’t really help.

A photo of us together on Sunday, we had already enduring thunderstorms through out the day.. but there was still more to come. We didn’t let it ruin our moods though!

As always, thank you for reading!  This post took me almost an entire week to make.  Osheaga was an adventure, we’re not sure yet if we enjoyed ourselves enough to go back or not.. I think we will probably attend some different festivals in the area before we go back (unless they have an amazing line-up next year that somehow tops this years).  But ultimately, we had a good time, and at the end of the night, no matter what happened (or didn’t happen) we were still together and that is what was most important.

Too cute!