Palette et Ribambelle

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a blog contest over at Palette et Ribambelle, for a small hand-made stationary set.  I’ve been following her blog for a while now, she has a really nice, simple but eclectic style.  I was really excited to receive something from her, and oh wow did she send a lot more than I expected!  In the original contest post it only included the booklet of mini stationary (I think?), but I also received two cards, and a really neat pencil that was made with magic (I think).  

Inside the booklet are pockets filled with small pieces of paper, old-fashioned tags, simple shapes, some stickers, festive sayings, and more.  I plan  on making beautiful gift tags, packaging, and paper art with all of the pieces.  I also love that she encourages you to cut up and destroy the book itself while you are creating.  I haven’t opened the cards yet, so I’m not sure if they have anything inside or not.. I guess I should open them?  I also included a shot with a 2 x 4 Lego Brick to show just how beautifully small the kit is, and how tiny some of the patterns and paper pieces are.  That particular Lego Brick has been made into a key chain by my partner, with Lego that we found on Christmas day, literally outside on the road.  Thank you so much for having this blog contest Pascale, you have a very lovely style that translates well into this small kit, and the pencil was a unique addition along with it.  


A Gift: Estrella Cisne {Custom Monster High}

This year, me and my sister Stacey (of Josebabarock Designs) did a gift exchange of custom Monster High dolls (yeah, for Christmas, and yes I realize that this might seem a month early to some, but this was when we celebrated okay?).  I will be posting pictures of the custom I made for her, but for now enjoy the beautiful doll that I received.  Her name is Estrella Cisne, and I think that she is just wonderful.  Her back features a beautiful swan tattoo, and she is adorned in jewels and even has wire slippers.

This is the description that my sister wrote about her:

Customized Draculara monster high doll. Faceup, hair styles, clothes sewn by hand, jewellery created by hand by me.

Name: Estrella Cisne (Star Swan)

Description: Adorned with crystallized star-dust(clear crystals), glacial ice (blue crystals), and meteorite jewels(black crystals) she dances the celestial ballet of the swan amongst the constellations. She is the reason stars sparkle in the night sky from dusk to dawn.

To see some before and process shots, click here!

A little late {halloween and a christmas bazaar}

I can’t believe that I have two bazaars this month, and currently I am sitting in between both of them.  One was last Saturday, held in Delhi, a town that I haven’t literally been in, in years.  The next one is on the 23rd, and in my more familiar (how strange to think) downtown London.  I have been working as diligently as possible, despite that I’ve been working a lot and now, I’ve been sick for the past four days.

Going back in time a little bit, I did manage to make a new costume this year for Halloween (barely).  We handed out lot of candy to kids, and my partner even made a few of them cry (he was pretty scary).  I’m going to update again before the Rag Bag Bazaar next week, because I want to show off some of the new darlings I’ve made (and by darlings, I mostly mean cats!).

So for now, enjoy these shots from Halloween, my costume is Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and my partner is Doctor Frankenstein.

Free Comic Book Day 2013

In keeping time with my previous post, which featured art “inspired” by the Venture Brothers.. I thought it was only appropriate to post about my partner and I’s experience at Free Comic Book day 2013.  We look forward to this every year, the local comic book stores in London, Ontario are great.  Heroes Comics is our favourite, for the deals and the employees (who are all great, seriously).  But we still love LA Moods too.  This year, we dressed up as Hank and Dean (with myself playing Dean).  What was even better was that we were joined by employees of Heroes comics (didn’t I already mention how great they are?) as Henchmen and Brock Samson himself.  It made for some really fun photos and a fun day.  I already know how I’m going to improve my Dean costume.. although I am always keeping my eyes open for the *perfect* Dr. Girlfriend dress suit.  (Plus, you get a bunch of free comics on that day, which is awesome!  The first Saturday of May every year! )



Also, I’ve rebooted my Garden and Urban Explorers albums on facebook as the summer is already upon us!  Check them out on my page here.

Disappointing Monsters {comics and art}

This is the next instalment of my (better late than never) Shock Stock 2013 highlights and spotlights (the first being my Wooded Woods post here).

Disappointing Monsters is a web comic about a boy and his monster, Cthulhu, geek culture, and some existentialist despair (mostly).  It’s pretty funny, and has won some web comic awards.  Certainly worth the time to check out, and if you hate it, they periodically include a picture of a cat (so obviously, you can’t hate it).

I didn’t realize at Shock Stock that Disappointing Monsters is a duo (I didn’t actually talk to the artist that was there.. my partner Hrafn is the one to have purchased these super cool prints and connected in our love of Venture Brothers).  Hence, I don’t know if both Owen and Daniel were there or not.. But, I am going to guess that it was Owen there, as their Thanksgiving day comic explains that Daniel is American and Owen is a loyal mythical creature hunter, I mean, Canadian.  Either way, I managed to never get a photo while the artist was actually at the table (the woes of wanting to be a thorough event photographer while simultaneously running Patricia Quinn’s autograph table).  Regardless of who we purchased these prints from, they’re pretty damn cool.  I still need to frame them (did I mention that I work as a professional art framer?  I guess that means I should probably FRAME some of the art I buy).  Since my partner showed such enthusiasm about the Venture Brothers, we got three tiny bonus prints that the artist had done recently and I don’t think were actually for sale (may or may not be true), we gave two to our good friend, another huge Venture fan because they looked to be a set (the Henchmen prints pictured below together), but we totally kept the Bat-Hank.  The second print we purchased is a Rabbit-Cthulhu, which looks enough like a rabbit octopus to me which is clearly awesome (Rabbit and Chimera love love love).   Check out their website (and comic) here!

dm_1 dm_2 dm_3

Sailor Mercury: OOAK doll

So, admittedly I have a few finished projects that I have yet to post on here.. and two of them include dolls!  But, there was a reason I couldn’t post this beauty till now, which is that she was a surprise for my cousin, and this doll was sent across the ocean to England.  I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I had to wait!  I am insanely happy with how she turned out, despite some mess-up (like burning most of the pieces, breaking one arm.. sigh sigh) I managed to finish her, and I think that the broken arm turned out awesome, in the sense that I didn’t want to make another arm so I made it a gun.  This was my first attempt with Polymer clay, specifically Sculpy III.  I’m not entirely sure how I like using Polymer clay.. I enjoy that I don’t need to be constantly using water/ struggling against my distaste for dried clay on my skin, but I found that the clay got really soft, which made it harder to sculpt nicely defined features.  Baking clay in the oven also makes me incredibly nervous, and for good reason (note: burns on most pieces).  I have a few more different types of Polymer clay, I am willing to give it more chances in the hopes I get more used to it.

Here are some in progress shots, to see her completely finished, check out my project view on Behance!


Wooded Woods {dolls and art}

So, way back at Shock Stock 2013, I met two very talented doll makers who had a vendor table.  First off, I was thrilled that there were even hand-made dolls at all, let alone ones of this skill!  Of course, I couldn’t afford to purchase one of the dolls (although I do wish I had the money to, their prices were very reasonable for the amount of detail), I did buy some smaller things: pins, and postcards featuring their work.  After talking with them for some time, they generously gave me a set of magnets and a zombie print.  The quality of the photos make their “paper products” nice, you can really tell that they create full characters with stories to tell.   They have a website here, and currently have a doll for sale up on Etsy.

Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see how you develop!


This is going to be the kick off for a few posts that I have lined up featuring more local artists.  Plus, I actually have TWO dolls that are finished and I can’t wait for everyone to see them!