What I’m Working On

So in my previous post, I mentioned that I was donating some of my creative wares to a charity silent auction at work.  Since I work at a craft store, I guess it shouldn’t be THAT surprising that many of my co-workers are also super crafty!  But the hand-bound books hanging out beside my doll I’ve already put some bids on.  Pretty!

I’ve donated a few older stock items, such as dino plushies and keychains, but also one of my new Pocket Rag Dolls.  I have sold two of these girls so far, and do plan on getting the rest of them up on Etsy in the near future.

I’m working on more Pocket Rag Dolls, with a bit more diversity.  But I’ve worked on the pattern for this doll for a long time, and despite how difficult they are to make (mainly turn), I don’t think I’m going to alter the pattern for the next batch!  I’m also really happy with my final packaging design for the dolls.  Packaging is something that I’ve been trying to improve on to make my pieces look for professional and finished.

Here you can see my little Rag Doll in amongst the crafty stuff.  Consider this a sneak peak, because I’ll be posting a bigger album with more Pocket Rag Dolls later this week!



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