new art and old art

This whole winter thing is starting to get to me, I admit.  I love winter, and enjoy going out in the snow, and I understand the importance of having healthy seasons.  But I’m cold now, and I am really looking forward to the spring.  The main thing about winter is that when I’m cold, and I’m inside, it makes me want to sit around doing nothing.  Which leads to me.. well sitting around doing nothing.  But I have been trying to combat these winter lulls.. I’ve started painting again, something that I am still unsure about whether I even enjoy or not.  I’ve been designing some new dolls, and realizing that some of my other dolls are not yet complete.. I have some new ideas though for my Persephone cloth doll, which mostly includes creating a full costume for her, and my mermaid doll, which simply needs more detail work and possibly work on her wig.  I posted a picture of my mermaid on my Behance page as a WIP here too.  I still need to take proper shots of all the cats I made last fall… and the next Rag Bag is in a few weeks!  Gah.  I just never have enough time! But in the mean time, here is a WIP shot from a series of tiny paintings, the paintings are 4″ x 6″.



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