the Start of Eve {WIP: MH Doll}

So, I’ve been working on finishing a few things.. such as this Monster High Ghoulia Doll that was my very first MH doll I found used.  I’ve painted and re-painted her face a few times so I knew it was time to create her into a full, new character.  I got this particular doll at a steal ($1), thanks to the fact that she was sans arms.  This was the inspiration for what to do with her.. I considered making her more traditional lady arms, but was unsure how to do the jointing to allow them to move still.. and in comparison to “real” MH arms, I thought they wouldn’t look very good.  But then, inspiration hit me in the face with a brick.. a faint memory of a stunning scene.  I remember watching my sister play the PS1 game Parasite Eve.  At the beginning, there is an Opera scene of a beautiful young woman, and suddenly everyone explodes, except for her: her arms explode and out burst these huge scythe like hands.  So, this doll’s name will be Eve.  With this weird, old memory in mind I started creating.  She still needs more work, but I couldn’t hide her from the world! (Also, I purposefully decided NOT to look up Parasite Eve during the design and creation, I don’t really remember what the original Eve looked like, but I wasn’t really interested in creating THAT character, just a character inspired by it!).


3 thoughts on “the Start of Eve {WIP: MH Doll}

  1. Great work on the faceup, and the gooey looking arms. I don’t know what parasite Eve looked like, but after looking at your doll, i’m not sure I want to. Great work. If I may leave a wish here, I would like to see the tentacles really coming out of the arm, or you could cover the ends of the arms a little. If you aren’t sure what to use, and don’t want to buy anything, let me make a few suggestions that you don’t have to bake. Air dry clay (make it yourself stuff), hot glue – (squirt a little bit out into the in between area, let it cool a little then shape), white/school glue (squirt some out onto some string or thread then arrange onto the space to cover). Then wait till they dry/cool/etc and paint.

    • Thank you! Also, thank you for the suggestions, I’ve been playing around with a few different ideas with how to transition between the original arms and my sculpted ones.. I really like the idea of using strings and threads, and think I will end up using a combination of mediums and “stuff”.. originally I was planning on just covering with beads, but now I want something a bit more organic looking.

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