A Gift: Estrella Cisne {Custom Monster High}

This year, me and my sister Stacey (of Josebabarock Designs) did a gift exchange of custom Monster High dolls (yeah, for Christmas, and yes I realize that this might seem a month early to some, but this was when we celebrated okay?).  I will be posting pictures of the custom I made for her, but for now enjoy the beautiful doll that I received.  Her name is Estrella Cisne, and I think that she is just wonderful.  Her back features a beautiful swan tattoo, and she is adorned in jewels and even has wire slippers.

This is the description that my sister wrote about her:

Customized Draculara monster high doll. Faceup, hair styles, clothes sewn by hand, jewellery created by hand by me.

Name: Estrella Cisne (Star Swan)

Description: Adorned with crystallized star-dust(clear crystals), glacial ice (blue crystals), and meteorite jewels(black crystals) she dances the celestial ballet of the swan amongst the constellations. She is the reason stars sparkle in the night sky from dusk to dawn.

To see some before and process shots, click here!


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