Nuit Blanche {June 15th 2013}

Woe, I’ve almost caught up on “events” blog posts.. thanks to the fact that I have spent the last month and a half working constantly and sleeping.  Hurray!  Back in June, we went to Nuit Blanche, here in London Ontario.  It’s an art festival that takes place at night.  Although I have to say that I was a little disappointed by this year’s events.. the main street was just kind of, meh.  BUT, one of the locations was celebrating Katamari!  Which is probably one of the coolest games ever made.  Uber Cool (the store that was putting on this particular event) even made a giant ball that you could use to play Katamari on the wall outside.  Or, how about picking out some forgotten toys to add to a real-life Katamari?  Both were fun!   Oh yeah, and there were even people dressed up as Katamari characters!  Another location that we really liked was called the DHMakerBus, which is a pretty interesting project that involves video, road trips and hacking the fuck out of an old dirty bus.  We definitely wanted to check it out because it was put on by LOMAA.  It also involved a weird audio video experience inside of the bus, which I think had some sort of user interaction.  They have a site about the bus here.  We also watched a poetry slam, but I felt too awkward to photograph it.


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