Rag Bag Bazaar {June 8th 2013}

This summer certainly isn’t shaping up how we had… hoped.  But we are still making the most of what we have and what there is to do.  We have a long bike ride planned for Monday, involving going out to the Conservation Authority Park, and having a picnic at the Dam.  I really wanted to take part in more craft fairs and events this summer, but sadly.. London just doesn’t seem to have all that many.  I attended the Rag Bag Bazaar, which was part of a larger Car-Free Festival downtown in June, with my sister.  She makes beautiful wire wrapped jewellery, and might remember her from my post about the amazing Sailor Moon inspired necklace she gave me for Christmas (click here to see that post).

At the Bazaar, I had Persephone on display for the first time.  Plus I had made a few hand-drawn art pins and something exciting (because it was a new thing for me to do) was make nice quality, giclee prints of some of my drawings (and they sold well which thrilled me).  I was so happy with how they turned out, I printed them on a very light grey linen paper, and the “Away We Go” prints were done on a series of rainbow papers.  It was incredibly cold though, and I was lucky that my mom stopped by and gave me her sweater (haha).  But we had a lot of fun, despite the cloudy weather.  I saw a lot of great artists, which I still have a small stack of business cards waiting for me to look into, and possibly post on here.  In the meantime, enjoy these few photos I got of the day!!  Or if you might prefer to see some photos of fungi, check out my latest photo project on Behance!


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