Free Comic Book Day 2013

In keeping time with my previous post, which featured art “inspired” by the Venture Brothers.. I thought it was only appropriate to post about my partner and I’s experience at Free Comic Book day 2013.  We look forward to this every year, the local comic book stores in London, Ontario are great.  Heroes Comics is our favourite, for the deals and the employees (who are all great, seriously).  But we still love LA Moods too.  This year, we dressed up as Hank and Dean (with myself playing Dean).  What was even better was that we were joined by employees of Heroes comics (didn’t I already mention how great they are?) as Henchmen and Brock Samson himself.  It made for some really fun photos and a fun day.  I already know how I’m going to improve my Dean costume.. although I am always keeping my eyes open for the *perfect* Dr. Girlfriend dress suit.  (Plus, you get a bunch of free comics on that day, which is awesome!  The first Saturday of May every year! )



Also, I’ve rebooted my Garden and Urban Explorers albums on facebook as the summer is already upon us!  Check them out on my page here.


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