Disappointing Monsters {comics and art}

This is the next instalment of my (better late than never) Shock Stock 2013 highlights and spotlights (the first being my Wooded Woods post here).

Disappointing Monsters is a web comic about a boy and his monster, Cthulhu, geek culture, and some existentialist despair (mostly).  It’s pretty funny, and has won some web comic awards.  Certainly worth the time to check out, and if you hate it, they periodically include a picture of a cat (so obviously, you can’t hate it).

I didn’t realize at Shock Stock that Disappointing Monsters is a duo (I didn’t actually talk to the artist that was there.. my partner Hrafn is the one to have purchased these super cool prints and connected in our love of Venture Brothers).  Hence, I don’t know if both Owen and Daniel were there or not.. But, I am going to guess that it was Owen there, as their Thanksgiving day comic explains that Daniel is American and Owen is a loyal mythical creature hunter, I mean, Canadian.  Either way, I managed to never get a photo while the artist was actually at the table (the woes of wanting to be a thorough event photographer while simultaneously running Patricia Quinn’s autograph table).  Regardless of who we purchased these prints from, they’re pretty damn cool.  I still need to frame them (did I mention that I work as a professional art framer?  I guess that means I should probably FRAME some of the art I buy).  Since my partner showed such enthusiasm about the Venture Brothers, we got three tiny bonus prints that the artist had done recently and I don’t think were actually for sale (may or may not be true), we gave two to our good friend, another huge Venture fan because they looked to be a set (the Henchmen prints pictured below together), but we totally kept the Bat-Hank.  The second print we purchased is a Rabbit-Cthulhu, which looks enough like a rabbit octopus to me which is clearly awesome (Rabbit and Chimera love love love).   Check out their website (and comic) here!

dm_1 dm_2 dm_3


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