Sailor Mercury: OOAK doll

So, admittedly I have a few finished projects that I have yet to post on here.. and two of them include dolls!  But, there was a reason I couldn’t post this beauty till now, which is that she was a surprise for my cousin, and this doll was sent across the ocean to England.  I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I had to wait!  I am insanely happy with how she turned out, despite some mess-up (like burning most of the pieces, breaking one arm.. sigh sigh) I managed to finish her, and I think that the broken arm turned out awesome, in the sense that I didn’t want to make another arm so I made it a gun.  This was my first attempt with Polymer clay, specifically Sculpy III.  I’m not entirely sure how I like using Polymer clay.. I enjoy that I don’t need to be constantly using water/ struggling against my distaste for dried clay on my skin, but I found that the clay got really soft, which made it harder to sculpt nicely defined features.  Baking clay in the oven also makes me incredibly nervous, and for good reason (note: burns on most pieces).  I have a few more different types of Polymer clay, I am willing to give it more chances in the hopes I get more used to it.

Here are some in progress shots, to see her completely finished, check out my project view on Behance!



2 thoughts on “Sailor Mercury: OOAK doll

  1. When I first started sculpting in polymer clay, I thought that after curing the doll , or doll parts in the oven that the work was over. Boy, was I mistaken! Sometimes the work is just beginning.

  2. Dolls made with ball joints strike a between being realistic-looking and functionally movable. Dolls made from polymer clay, though rich in realistic detail, are not generally made to be flexible, since the material is quite rigid when cured. By combining the ball joint design with homemade clay limbs, you can give your doll the best of both worlds.

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