Well it feels pretty soft to me.

Hello again, as things in life go I’ve managed to lose track of time.  I can’t believe that this weekend is already the Rag Bag Bazaar, which means that this week is a crazy rush to pull everything together and finish projects.  I do lament about how I wanted to get *so much* more done by this event, but I have been insanely busy with, life.  In the past week alone I *conditionally* sold my house, and went in for surgery (which allowed me to go cuddle with my kitty Dante, who is staying with my parents while the house is for sale *sad*).  Our garden(s) is thriving, we have carrots, cucumbers and lettuce in the back, plus geraniums, marigolds and snap dragons.  I’ve never tried flowers before, so I can’t wait to see them grow!  The geraniums already have flowers (one I bought admittedly with flowers on them already) which are a beautiful hot pink (love).  Since the weather has been ideal, we’ve been going mushroom hunting, although personally I am more interested in different types of mosses and Sporophytes.  Now that things are kind of settling out, I will make more time for blogging, in order to catch up on some posts that I should have done a while ago.  Things are certainly moving forward, I will allow myself to get pulled by the waters, I just hope that I don’t go under.   Here is a sneak peek at some of the new work I’ve been doing, and will be available this Saturday the Rag Bag Bazaar.  Hope to see you there.



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