but what will it take to make my life sound like that?

Sometimes life just keeps moving forward so quickly you don’t even know how you got there.  I have been working like crazy the past few weeks, really pushing to get the house ready to sell.  Looking around, and hearing the echoes (because we have hardly any stuff left in here) is starting to make me feel anxious and like I want to take a break.. but I have to keep going!  This will all be worth it in the end.  Despite the bathroom renovations, insane amounts of painting I have to do, and gardening gardening gardening, I’m still making time for art, and more specifically: doll making!  I am almost done another doll, which I admit, should have been finished two weeks ago.  I can’t post any more photos of her, because she is a surprise.. but soon soon.  Despite how busy I will continue to be for the next few weeks, I have a lot of sketches in my book that are still not posted, so I think I will try to get those up as quicker posts to break the silence.   But anyways, did I mention how I had to be incredibly brave and actually stand on this ladder in my bathroom in order to clean and paint the ceiling?  Those pictures show where the ladder goes up on the wall, which is supposedly 10ft.  I hope I never have to spend a (full) day on a ladder like that again (because I know I still have to go up the ladder to finish up and touch up the wall paint).   On a final note, I finally figured out what the weird things growing in the palm are: yellow flowers!  This also made it a lot easier to identify the type of plant it is, which is a Chamaedorea elegans, aka Parlour Palm.

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I haven’t forgotten about Shock Stock!  I still plan on doing a more personal post about the weekend, including some super cool buys.. plus another feature on two doll makers that were vendors.  Very excited to share some of their work!  But, I have posted the Official PVT Shock Stock 2013 photos on the VHS swap blog here.  Oh and that is a photo of myself and Joel M. Reed!


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