The first day of April.

The first day of April, so much to do!  Today, the weather was either sunny and wonderful, or blizzard, or raining and windy.  We ventured outside despite this, and had an adventure.  We went to a thrift store that had a 50% off sale.  I found a crochet (I think) blanket, a yellow metal teapot, and a book that I’m planning on putting all of ticket stubs and small pictures into.  We went into the forest and found mushrooms, small flowers, lots of bugs and a partial cat skeleton.  Oh, also I dyed my hair yesterday using kool aid.  Fuck yeah!  I”m also working on a lot of art.. I’m confirmed for a table at the rag bag bazaar on June 8th, so I definitely need to keep working.  Besides that, we finally have a real estate agent coming to see our condo later this week.. the first steps to selling!  Woohooo!  Changes are a coming.

dante book


I knew this blanket was perfect to brighten up the back of the couch.

flower self_byhrafn skull


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