Diana; the heir on the moon and Lapin

So, yesterday my partner Hrafn and I participated in the 8th Indie Media Fair in London, Ontario. It was a lot of fun, but we are planning a joint post, including a few photos for the next few days.  But, at the Media Fair, I unveiled Diana for the first time.  I am still considering her to be a work in progress, along with her familiar, but at the same time I love how raw she looks.  I am not sure about whether or not she will have hair.. I am currently working on a short story based on her and I like the idea of keeping her bald.  Opinions?  Anyways, enjoy these unedited, straight from the camera images of her.

Diana at noon1 Diana at noon2 Diana at noon3 Diana at noon4 diana at noon5 diana at noon6 Diana at noon7 Diana at noon8


3 thoughts on “Diana; the heir on the moon and Lapin

  1. Hi, my name is Victoria from a crafting blog called Crafty Girl. Your blog is one that I have looked at from time to time, and I have nominated your blog in turn for an award called Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Great work on Diana, will you make a wig for her?

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