Page Nineteen: A Challenge {plus exciting news!}

Some of you may remember Page Thirteen of my sketch book, which featured a girl and her snail. I was requested to draw her from different angles, once I realized that it was something I didn’t normally do, I knew that I had to do it.  I’ve always had a hard time with profiles, human heads are weird… but I think that she looks like the same girl as the previous sketch?  Any feedback is welcomed!

page 19

page 19bpage 19c

PLUS!! There is a local event in London called the Indie Media Fair, my partner and I have been going for the past few years.  But, this year, I actually found out in time to become a vendor!  I am very excited.. I am not entirely sure what sort of stuff I will bringing.. It is March 9th, and held at the London Public Central Library from 11-4pm.  Oh and admission is FREE!  So even if you just come out to see the vendors and artists, it will be a fun event. Click here to see the facebook page for the event.


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