With each day, she becomes softer and softer



3 thoughts on “With each day, she becomes softer and softer

  1. I been working on a chibi skeleton now for a while. But i feel like it is back and fill. I take material off, then put some more on, then do the same over and over. I know that what I am doing will work out in the end.. and I will get the right shape, but right now, it just feels like i keep making work for myself… Do you feel the same?

    • Oh darn, I just wrote out a long reply only to have it deleted.. le sigh. I have found myself in the loop that you describe, adding, subtracting.. and the sculpture still looking the same. Sometimes I think this is me trying to make it too “perfect”, but other times I find that I am avoiding the next step, or some other part that I need to work on but don’t really want to (for some reason or another.. ).. But you have to break the cycle at some point, because no one else is going to come along and make your doll! That’s something I tell myself when I know I’ve been avoiding or not being able to get past a certain amount of progress. ^_^

  2. I agree, though It isn’t completely back and fill. You said your doll was becoming ‘softer’ That was what I was doing too. I was trying to get it perfectly smooth, but I dont know how to do that. I think polymer clay would do that, but I wanted to use resin or casting material. So I would go back and sand, and file… Eventually the shape changed, just as you described. Have you ever found a material that would smooth out your sculpture completely for you? The last thing I did recently was I coated my dolls body with a thinned out polymer. (TLS – translucent sculpey) and baked it for thirty minutes. It got it nice and smooth though. I thinned out my sculpey until it was thinner than white glue.. (as if you mixed white glue and water 1/4 (water) to 3/4 glue), It ran just and filled in all the rough spots. To get something im pleased with, I will want to do that a few more times. In the mean time i can add more resin etc etc.

    I agree with you about not wanting to move onto the next part though… we all procrastinate in our own ways.. and this always seems like a ‘productive’ way to do it :D

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