Page 13: Backwards in time.

page 13

page 13b page 13c


4 thoughts on “Page 13: Backwards in time.

    • You are more than welcome to make a doll based on her (and her snail friend). She is one that I too had been considering making into a doll, and so it would be very interesting I think to compare how they both turn out! I don’t frequently re-draw the same characters (on purpose anyways), and admittedly, am a “by the seat of my pants” sort of doll maker.. aka, I work with few sketches (which are usually not to scale) and no detailed plans. I might do a side drawing of her though over the next few days (no promises though!). :)

    • i know what you mean.. i think carry a heavy fear of drawing. when what i see in my head doesn’t come out on the paper it is so frustrating, so if i tried to do a second drawing of something i already drew and it didn’t come out looking representational of the first one, i would be frustrated

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