New Bread + Valentines

So, usually, my partner and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.  We don’t really see the point, we already spend as much time together as possible, and generally each other our love on a daily basis.. so the idea of squishing it into one day, and spending needless money on overpriced chocolates shaped like hearts, seems.. pointless.  But, on the other hand, it gives us an excuse to spoil ourselves a little.  This year my partner surprised me with two little Lego kits, a kitty and squirrel playground.  Even though they are from “the girl’s Lego series” aka: Lego Friends, which I am vehemently against (why do girls need a separate series they never needed them before, where are the minifigs, just why), these sets are incredibly adorable (and thankfully did not come with those weird new people, which totally freak me out).   I’ve also been trying to make some new, different types of bread.  These all require *a lot* more kneading than my posted no-knead cheese bread recipe, but I figure it’s a great upper body workout.. and the bread is delicious so the work is worth it!  Also, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I made a red velvet banana cake, and it was delicious (I say was, because it’s.. gone).


2 thoughts on “New Bread + Valentines

  1. Wow, that bread looks really delicious! I agree with you about the Lego. I wish they kept the minifigs all the same instead of making those “minifig doll figures.” All they needed were to make those cute accessories and animals to get the attention of more girls. I love those sets you have. I hope to pick them up soon. I think one of my favorite things about the Lego are the animals.

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