page 4: — end transmission pull.

a new beginning...

learning how to use my senses…

Here is the next page of my art journal/ sketch book experiment.  Today, I also decided to check on my old tumblr account, which was used primarily to post senseless posts that were found online by my partner Hrafn and myself.  I was pleased to see that they have expanded their themes options quite substantially, and have some nice new options… the allure to move to a new blog is creeping in.. should I?  Would having another blog be too many blogs? Or would having another one maybe force me to be more organized, and possibly keep this blog a little more under control (in terms of what this blog is about and such).  Hmm …  I was considering making this blog more of a “lifestyle” type of thing, including my gardening, cooking, home decorating, and general events.  Since I write a weekly post on the Shock Stock blog, I get my fix of movie writing and photo posting from that.  I use my sweatereyes blog, previously used for my 365 project, as a casual art photography blog… choices!  Maybe if I properly link all of my blogs.. that would work better?  Gah. Why am I both indecisive and scatter brained?


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