Have you waited in the cold? {new skills, new doll, and some other progress}

Well, the holiday season seems to be much busier for me than usual this year.  Working full time hours between my two jobs, doesn’t leave a lot of extra room for creating, or for blogging.  Even my Photo Vault posts over on the VHS swap blog have started to become more sporadic. But, despite being super busy, I still found time to hand-make a few gifts for my family, and since we had our family get-together last weekend, I can finally post what I have been working on!

My sister Stacey, who makes beautiful wire wrapped jewellery, and I decided to exchange gifts and I made her this small cloth doll.  She is the first of this style that I have made.  I wanted to make both her legs and arms pose-able, but completely forgot when I completed the legs (derp).  So her arms are pose-able and move-able with sequin details.  Her hair is made out of embroidery thread, and although it was a little more difficult to work with, I love how it turned out!  Her hair is in pigtails with bangs.  (oh and if you’re curious about what I received from my sister in return, you will have to wait for my next post!)

doll3 doll4 doll1 doll2

I learned a completely new skill for my mom’s gift, something that I had been itching to try for years now: needle felting.  I bought a small Christmas kit at a great price, and it included two needle felting needles, which made it worth it.  I made this snowman ornament, but didn’t follow the directions for the face at all.. I wanted my snowman to look happy and jolly, and the kit included small black beads for the eyes and suggested a tiny smile.  I can definitely see myself using this new skill with the dolls I am currently working on.  Very excited! (the hat piece, and scarf were included in the kit, I still don’t know how to knit or crochet!)


The last gift I made was this small drawing of my parent’s house.  It measures only 5.5″ x 3.5″.  I tried to make it as accurate as possible, although I have since realized way too many errors.. which makes me want to re-do it and switch it out.  (Which I might do).  But I still think that it is an adorable drawing.  I gave this to my dad.


Oh, and those dolls that I teased about so long ago in my last post… I’m still working on them I promise!  I had to take a mini-break from them in order to these projects done on time, but I’m returning to those dolls as of today!  Hurrah!  I think that once Christmas is over once again, life will settle down a lot and I will get back to my regular routine.  Stay warm!



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