Ghoulia Yelps {WIP doll alteration}

So, last year at my family’s Christmas, my nieces had Monster High dolls.  I had seen the dolls before, and honestly can’t say that I was overly fond of them.  But, I noticed how amazing their joints are, and that they had a lot of potential as dolls to modify.  I decided to keep my eyes open at thrift stores, and last month, low and behold my patience paid off.  I found a beaten and naked Ghoulia Yelps, sans arms, in a bag with two other dolls.  One of the other dolls being a pretty cool one too with separate glass eyes.. I will definitely keep that one to work on too.  What surprised me the most once I bought the doll was that there is a group of people online who modify Monster High dolls, obviously I’m not the only one who saw their potential!  Like most used dolls, her hair was in terrible shape, matted into a single piece.  So she got to have a spa day, so soak her hair and remove all of her ugly face paint.  I always remove the head from the body after the soak, because I don’t like letting the whole head sit in the water, plus I use the hot water technique to take the head off which is even easier when washing out conditioner.  Once the head is off, the factory face removed, and the hair brushed it is already looking like a completely different doll.  I’ve only tried to do one face-up so far, I’m going to wash her face again and try a completely different style.  I’m not too concerned about perfection at this point because I don’t even know what her new face to be, so I’m willing to re-do it a few times.  Any tips, criticisms or overall comments are always welcome!


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