Sailor Moon Update {new anime, manga box set and tattoos}

To be honest, I have been avoiding posting *too much* Sailor Moon on this blog.  But I have been getting a lot of hits lately looking for new information and believe me.. this is information to know if you are a fan.

To cut right to the good stuff, it was announced in July that Naoko and Kodanshi Comics are already working on a serialized anime of Sailor Moon, to be released Summer 2013.  No more information has been released, but it has been confirmed that it is NOT simply a film project.  Will this be a complete re-boot, or a strange continuation?  (Personally, I am hoping and somewhat expecting a re-boot)

But, the news was made by Momoiro Clover Z, who sang the original Sailor Moon theme song, during a live event that was celebrating the manga’s 20th anniversary.  Also intriguing is that the original voice actors for Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were present.  Either way, I can’t wait!  (for more information check out this news article)

Also, just in time for Christmas, Kodansha is releasing the first six manga in a simple box set.  I am desperately behind in my Sailor Moon manga, but I already have the first three so I just can’t justify it (but it’s on sale for $49.46!). Currently, its only available for pre-order on

Lastly, these are the last remaining Sailor Moon tattoos that I have found over time but not posted.  I don’t expect that I’ll have another post including Sailor Moon tattoos.  But here are two links to other Sailor Moon tattoo posts: Part One / Part Two

(As with my previous tattoo posts, none of these tattoos are mine, and I did not take any of these photos.  If any of these photos are yours (or yourself) and you want them removed, please let me know and I will certainly take them down, thanks!)

Thanks for reading this quick side post!  I will be back soon with that cake recipe.  ^_^


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