If A Curtain Drops {weekend adventures in London}

Double Feature!

Although we would not say that we are overly fond of London as a city, we make the best of the environment and take in as much as we can.  I mentioned in a previous post that my partner and I biked across the city to go to a friend’s surprise birthday party, which also happened to be a backyard film screening of The Last Waltz (in lovely 16mm).  Duker was planning on screening this, but he didn’t know that Nicole had secretly planned a concession style snack stand, and surprise birthday party!  It was so much fun, Nicole bought an insane amount of candy and she insisted that none of it be left at the end of the night.  I don’t think I’ve eaten that much candy and chocolate in a really long time.

The amazing concession stand at Duker’s surprise birthday screening! (well I guess the screening wasn’t a surprise but the party was)

Isn’t this just cute?


But, of course, this was already a few weeks ago and we have been very busy since then!  This past weekend, London had its annual Pride festivities, which culminated in a huge parade / dance party on the Sunday.  Somehow, through all the hectic crazy stuff we have been sorting out, we didn’t even know that Pride was this weekend until Sunday at 11:45am (did I mention that the parade started at 12:30?).  But we decided it was worth it to rush and bike down there and have a good time, and it definitely was!  We biked down without too much hurry and still arrived before the parade.  I love the atmosphere of the parade, everyone just being happy.


The Forest City Fashionista!

We ran into so many people that day, from artists Cindi Talbot, a Super Scientist who is literally landing a robot on Mars this coming Sunday, old friends, to the Forest City Fashionista!   You may notice that these photos are not watermarked.  That is because many photos were taken, and it is hard to say whether they were taken by myself or by my partner Korpolfr.  We have been discussing this, and we are planning some joint work in the near future and so they will be watermarked then.  I have uploaded many photos from Pride to my Flickr account, however I never knew that only 200 photos are visible at any time.  So now I am on a search for a new photo hosting site, since 200 photos simply won’t cut it.

Even though we make sure to include some fun, we are actually both super busy this summer.  The house is coming along amazing.  Every day I am surprised by how far it has come along. I have been collecting some photos of the house for “befores” from over the years.  We never officially took before photos, but our hoarding is evident in many.  This is something that I will talk more about at another time though.  All that matters is that we are working towards a future that we want, while still enjoying the moment.

Thank you for reading, I will be posting some more recipes in the next few weeks including Roasted Garlic and a Chocolate Cake.



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