Father Sol {Sunfest 2012}

Last weekend (and technically the Thursday before as well) we went downtown to attend Sunfest, in London Ontario.  We love going, mostly to eat some delicious food.  Unfortunately, on the first day the camera died and we couldn’t get any photos of everything we had, but it included coconut cookies, fresh pineapple, watermelon, and fried wontons.  Luckily, we were more prepared on Sunday and ensured we had our camera charged.  ^_^

This is actually one of the few photos from Thursday: a back view of the food place where I got my wontons, and coconut cookie.

This is where Jerry got his vegetable samosas.

On the left, my wontons with yummy sweet and sour sauce, and Jerry’s vegetable samosas on the right.

The only money we spent at Sunfest, other than on food, went to two super cool Tillandias, or “Air Plants”.  I need to put them properly into their container, but I already love them. I’m happy that I found some!  Plus the next day we added another plant to our indoor garden, a cacti. I will be adding new photos soon to my facebook page, both in the Gardening and Urban Explorers albums! 

Wheh, it feels good to have a little bit of time to relax.  I feel like I haven’t taken a break in… weeks!  But the house is really coming together, so much stuff has been removed.  But we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  But today, we are taking a break.  Last night we did an intense bike ride across the city, it took over an hour to get there, and about forty-five minutes to get home.  But the bike ride was definitely worth it; we got to go to a friend’s surprise birthday party, which involved a backyard film screening of “The Last Waltz”.  We had an amazing time, and I’m happy to say that I’m not even all that sore today!  I plan on making a tomato-pepper soup today, which is something I never though I would be typing, let alone doing.  I’m also going to bake a cake to reward myself.  ^_^

This summer has already been so exciting.  My decision to disconnect from the computer significantly has given my more time to be active.  Although we are not all that thrilled to be living in London, we are truly trying to make the most of our time here.

Thanks for reading, I’m already working on my next post!



2 thoughts on “Father Sol {Sunfest 2012}

    • Haha, yeah of course I ate it! I find it a lot easier to eat tomatoes when they are blended with other delicious things (like carrots and peppers!). Actually, our friend Greg really helped with this, he brings home-made soup over frequently and I’ve made it a habit of asking what the ingredients are after tasting it. Usually there are two or three ingredients that I’m not crazy about, but the soup is delicious so it doesn’t matter. ^_^ Maybe once I’m completely comfortable with soup, I’ll be able to try tomatoes in other things.. but maybe not.

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