Re-Focus, new ideas: Move Forward.

I admit, that I have had some difficulty with blogging lately.  I realized the other day that the reason for this was that I wanted this blog to be more focused on new art, crafts and decorating that I was/ wanted to be doing.  The problem with this was, that my partner and I have been crazy focused on simply de-cluttering, and being serious about paring down our belongs.  I haven’t had a lot of free time to work on the sort of stuff that I want to be posting on here more.  But, I am certainly very busy with my time; so, my solution to this is to simply be blogging about what I *am* doing.  We have the biggest garden and array of plants than either of us had ever had to take care of on our own.  I bake and cook most of our food from scratch, we buy very little prepared foods now.

A few weeks ago I was also given an amazing little tin recipe card holder from my mom.  I am kind of excited to fill it with my own recipes and all of the recipes I have adapted over time.  Did I mention that it actually includes recipe dividers inside?  To celebrate this amazing little addition to my kitchen, and to really force me to write out recipes and therefor put them into said holder, I am going to be posting full recipes and tutorials on some of my favourite and most popular recipes.  I don’t know if food is something that I will continue posting after this series, but we’ll see how it goes! So far, I have two recipes already done for the series and have at least two more planned.

My partner and I have really been trying to garden and experiment with plants this summer.  I have successfully grown Thyme, Oregano and Basil from seeds.   We also have a rather healthy cucumber plant growing in the back yard.  But the real show stopper was this guy that popped open yesterday:

A Sunflower!

This flower had been growing for some time, it’s stalk was all hairy and ugly, and to be honest we weren’t really sure what it was.. but we let almost anything grow if it wants to in our garden, especially if it is tall and weird.  I had suspected it was a sunflower last weekend, but wasn’t really sure.  I was really delighted when I saw this yesterday though, and today the flower looks even better!  It’s too bad that the leaves are all chewed up by bugs, but it is still so pretty.

We also have some blue flowers that grow every year around our back cement pad, we’re pretty sure they are considered weeds but they look and smell nice so we like them.

Outside garden area: sweet potatoes, garlic, pineapple, cucumbers..

A sweet potato we are growing!

So, although I am very excited about all the plants, I don’t think that I want to continue posting them on here.  So for this summer I am going to be posting plant and garden photos to my facebook page here.

I am also still planning on posting my Dante Vs. the Kraken story as it progresses.

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One thought on “Re-Focus, new ideas: Move Forward.

  1. We planted the sweet potato into the ground to continue growing and harvesting slips. Yesterday when I looked in the garden it was GONE. I believe our resident squirrels and raccoon’s had quite the snack.

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