Shock Stock {day three}

It honestly is hard to believe that Shock Stock took place over a month ago now.. my how time flies!  This also reminds me of how I need to drastically re-adjust my time schedules, and personal expectations.  Between working more hours at Michaels, and my partner being out of school… I am not getting done as much as I would like.  I am still getting a lot of progress done on the house, and we have been doing a lot of gardening together (post coming soon).

But, of course, this is my thrilling conclusion to one of the most exciting weekends I have had in my entire life: Shock Stock 2012.

Last we left off, my partner and I were crawling into bed waaaaay too late, with only a few hours until we were to be back at the best Horror expo around.  After about an hour of sleep, we were off again for another exciting day.  Luckily, we weren’t the only ones rubbing our eyes and giving slanty, groggy smiles on Sunday morning.  But it made for a really relaxed and casual day.  Also, half of the money made from ticket sales this day was donated to charity.  I noticed a lot more kids roaming around this day too, and they were dressed to impress:

These two little girls both had horror themed patches sewn on their jackets. Too cute!

I got a lot of one of a time experiences on Sunday, including getting picked up by the neck by Kane Hodder (aka: Jason), getting to say the line “Yes sir, fuck you sir” to Joe Pilato (Day of the Dead) on camera with Kari, and possibly being molested by Sal Lizard (Vampire Santa).

Kane Hodder was a blast to be around!

Kari and I after our break out performance together.

Fred (the Hammer) Williamson!

We frequently went over to Sin Labs area to play with their zapper.

Me with Joanna Angel (and the cum flag).

I helped hang that flag up two out of three days, and found out Sunday night that the flag was used in multiple pornos, and the white stains all over it were real.  Fun!

Paper lantern that was signed by every guest, was set off after Shock Stock ended.

Oh hello Joanna, say what you are short like me? Hell yeah.

After all the guests left, and the chairs were stacked (although not child proof), we helped Grim Brother Jake drag a whole lot of stuff back to his house where we were rewarded with pizza and freshly baked cookies (thanks Tina!).  But really, this weekend was so amazing and I am so thankful that we were part of it.  All of the pictures, from all three days are available exclusively on my facebook page here.

Shock Stock 2013… can’t wait!!

Thanks for reading, as this is the final Shock Stock 2012 post, you can look forward to my regular postings next!



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