SHOCK STOCK 2012 {day one}

Woe! I can not believe that I was not able to make time to post for three weeks.  But sometimes things are out of your control (and sometimes you end up with some mystery illness and stupid doctors, hurray!).

I still intend on doing my personal coverage of Shock Stock 2012.  I actually wrote most of this one more than a week ago (shame!).

(Photos included are not in a linear order, but they are all from the first day!)

So, my first day of Shock Stock was certainly the most relaxed (if you want to call it relaxed), it was the shortest day which made it easier.  James asked me if I felt comfortable around celebrities, and whether or not I would be comfortable helping one at their table that night since the other female volunteers didn’t show up this day.  So, what guest did I get to hang out with all night?  Joe Pilato, AKA Captain Rhodes from Day of the Dead!  Yeah, I guess you could say I was kind of excited, and it felt a little surreal to be sitting beside him having casual conversations with him.

That doll of Joe Pilato was kind of super cool.  I was double jointed, and one of a kind.  A fan made it for him (supposedly), and included very detailed accessories, such as the pack of cigarettes, and a tiny coffee cup (not shown).  Even at a horror convention, I found unique doll making.

Back to the convention…

Joe Pilato was very entertaining.  He was friendly and obviously excited to be there with fans.

Plus, I was stationed right beside Fred “the Hammer” Williamson, a truly iconic Blaxploitation star.  But to be honest, I was more excited because he stars in a movie that is very near and dear in my heart: From Dusk Till Dawn.

Oh, how I kind of regret not getting that pussy photo signed instead…

There was lots of burger kicking every day, and so I will pick one photo each day to include in these posts.  So the burger kick of the day was:

Anyone who witnessed this burger going to the moon, know where this is headed.

After the expo, we had a later supper/ snack with some friends: Tyler Baptist, who runs Bad Monster Films (another Grindhouse promotion happening in Saskatoon), and Bill Zebub, the mighty King of B-Movies (who also has a pretty entertaining late night radio show).

Tyler Baptist, and his preferred exercise routine.

Bill Zebub and Joanna Angel.. exchanging videos?

Of course, the main event of the night was the 35mm print of Demons, including a Q&A with Geretta Geretta, Bobby Rhodes and Claudio Simonetti.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Vagrancy show without a balls to the walls trailer reel.


Of course the night didn’t end there, we got to have drinks with Geretta Geretta, before finally getting to bed around 3am. To think, this is the earliest that we made to bed that weekend!

Thanks for reading, I will try to post day two tomorrow or Friday.  For full photographic coverage of Shock Stock 2012 Day One (and Two), please check out my facebook page!



2 thoughts on “SHOCK STOCK 2012 {day one}

  1. Glad to see my Captain Rhodes figure is getting mileage! It’s true. I am a fan of the Day of the Dead and made that for Joe. Gave it to him back in ’08 at Horrorfind con in Baltimore. Absolutely LOVE your photo of it with Joe in the background! I wish I could get a hi res of that to print out and maybe get it signed by him next time I see him. Take care!

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