Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! {adventures in sprouting micro greens}

{Disclaimer: Okay, I admit I said that I was going to post this yesterday… remember when I said I don’t go on when my partner is home?  Well he got home early yesterday so here we are!}

On Monday, in my never-ending quest to try new things, I decided to try to sprout some of the Chia seeds that we have in the pantry (normally for eating purposes).  I had been wanting to grow micro greens for a little while now, and so when I realized that I actually had a type already, I had to do it immediately.  This is the website that provided me with all of my information on sprouting (not that I followed it perfectly but still), they also have more info on other greens and plant life. 

Step One! Place a single layer of seeds into a shallow dish of some sort (I used a spoon rest for this initial experiment). I have since realized that I was not supposed to put so many so close together, but they still seem to be growing okay.

Step Two! Put just enough water into the dish to cover the seeds, then let it rest where no kitties will disturb it.

After an hour or so, the water will turn into a type of gel, this is because Chia seeds are a Mucilaginous seed (and this is essentially what allows us to grow them without any soil).

Here you can see how thick the gel that forms actually is.

(sorry for the bad photo, late at night!) This is a full day and a few hours after "planting" them, you can see the hulls already being shed and the sprouts coming out like little worms.

Once the sprouts started growing, I covered the dish and put it in the sun. I did this on the fourth day.

So, now I can start to see my first fuck up, being too many seeds on the plate (I doubt the ones in the middle will grow at this point, I may just scoop them out so that the rest have a better chance of success). The sprouts that are coming up are starting to turn green though!

Not Chia seeds, but I snapped this photo yesterday after taking this loaf out of the oven. I really want a proper bread pan, so that I can make bread that is not perfectly round (or super oblong), but I am still kind of impressed with how quickly and easily I can make a loaf of bread now.

I plan on trying to grow a lot more micro greens over the summer, now to just find seeds…


Since I wrote most of this on Monday, added to it yesterday, and am posting it today, I thought it would best to post the most updated photos available.  Over the night those little sprouts managed to do a lot:

Green sprouts!!

Thanks for reading, if you have any tips or advice, or if I have done something that is terribly incorrect, please let me know in the comments!  I haven’t done this before, and I would probably be described as having a black thumb.



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