Okay, it’s Thursday {kitchen and life update}

So, I admit that my scheduled Tuesday and Thursday posting has become a little.. lax over the past few weeks.  With me posting a day late, or in this week’s case not even getting in my Tuesday post at all (despite the fact that I wrote it on Monday).  When I first made my blog schedule, I was still only working as Swiss Chalet, where my work schedule was mostly Thursday through Sunday nights.  Now, at Michaels, I tend to work more during the week, including day shifts.  This does make it more difficult to post on those days, since I only go on the computer when my partner is not home (we don’t get a lot of time together as it is, and so we agree to not be distracted by technology whenever possible). I think that allowing myself a two day period to get posts in should work fine, and allow for my constantly fluctuating work schedule. So, I won’t feel bad anymore if I post on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday, or on Friday instead of Thursday.

Another thing that I have been struggling with lately is the issue of my website: www.sweatereyes.com

(Depending on when you click that link, it may or may not work anymore)

So, my website’s paid for domain and hosting is going to expire *really* soon, as in, next Monday kind of soon.  I had been meaning to deal with it for a while now.. but I never managed to make time for it.  I have been debating whether or not to keep the domain, the possibility of the domain being purchased by someone else seems a little unlikely.  (Who else uses this name?  Based on google search results, no one).  But relying on that idea makes me feel uncomfortable, despite the fact that before I had the website the fear of someone taking it never even crossed my mind.  I know that I do not plan on staying with Yola for a paid domain regardless.  It is not that  I am unhappy with Yola, its just I simply don’t have the time to maintain a paid website as much as I want to, and I don’t intend on making time for it right now.  Since I have been focusing more on this blog, I have been considering wordpress.org, in order to have a blog focused website that allows better “website” features than wordpress.com blogs.  In short, I want my blog to be more integrated with my website (If I am to have a website at all).  For now, I intend on keeping up my Yola site as a free site, meaning that the URL is going to be different. I will probably be taking it down in the next few months though.

Any who, I have been pretty busy this week.  I painted a feature wall in my kitchen, I love how it brightens up the room.  I will be posting my second post later this afternoon, as I will be updating the post with a few more photographs, you will have to wait to see what it is about.

Everyone loves how mixed lighting can be a pain, le sigh. (The most accurate colour is seen in the top left hand corner)



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