Bulbasaur table {finished furniture update!}

Remember a few weeks ago I posted a few WIP shots of a small table I was re-painting?  Well, I admit that it did take me a little longer to finish than I originally anticipated/ hoped/ wanted.  But that is usually how things go.  Technically, I shouldn’t say that it is finished, but for the time being, it is (I still plan on giving it a nice new knob, instead of the poopy old one, but in the interest of me wanting the table done and not being able to find the perfect knob right now, I decided to at least spray paint the old one a bright red).

So here it is:

Oh, and just a quick reminder what this puppy looked like before:


I like how the colours turned out, and I’m happy that they matched together as nicely as I had planned.  I like how the “spots” on the side turned out.  I covered the front of the drawer with hand-dyed fabric.  My biggest complaint with the Martha Stewart paint is that it is very “soft”.  No matter how long I let it dry, you could easily scratch the paint off with a finger nail.  I ended up using a clear acrylic spray gloss to protect it, which also gave it a nicer finish (previously the paint was called a velvet?).  It’s not very glossy, but I like it.  Did I mention that, with supplies, this table only cost me $10.44 (tax included!) AND I still have more than half of my purchased supplies left?  Fuck yeah DIY.

I think I will need to take better photos of this table though.  I plan on doing some internet overhauls soon.  My website’s domain expires very soon, and I need to decide whether or not I will keep my website up.  Decisions!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work.



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