Spring Cleaning {year long super purge continues}

This is a quick update about how the house re-decorating, de-cluttering, organizing and losing my mind overall is going.

As you know, I have been focusing my decorating efforts in the kitchen.  I can’t wait for the consistent nice weather so that I can finally paint the doors to the kitchen.  If you remember  from my “before” shots of the kitchen, one area that was in dire need of re-organization before I could even consider what to do with the space was the small counter beside the fridge, seen here:

if you can believe it, I actually tidied up the counter before I took this picture

As you can see, the microwave took up almost all of the counter space; also, thanks to poor outlet locations, we are required to string a heavy extension cord across the window and allowed to just hang out awkwardly in the bottom left hand corner there.  My partner and I discussed the possibility of moving the microwave to the other counter.. but that seemed worse.  So, we decided to try to go a full week without using the microwave, to see if we could do it.  We even taped the door, so that if we forgot, we didn’t accidentally use it (I do admit that we used it once during the week, to use our last pack of microwave popcorn).  After the trial week was over, we moved the microwave out of the kitchen:

Now, there is so much more space!  I am excited about this simple change, it gives me a lot more area to work and forces us to eat a lot more healthy on a regular basis.  I’m still not entirely sure how to decorate the spot, or how I should organize the kitchen to utilize the space as efficiently as possible.. but one thing is for sure: I really don’t miss that big, ugly microwave.

But, being the super crazy person I am, I am not never happy with doing only one thing at a time.  Today I decided to do some super organizing/ purging in the living room.  So far, I have sorted through two storage ottomans, the TV unit, our “coffee table” (which is really just two milk crates staked on top of each other with a tray on top), and now I am tackling one of the worst offenders: the book-case.

Here is my current progress shot, which I am avoiding at the moment to write this post:

We have too many books for the book cases we have.  That is a sad fact that we are hopefully correcting soon (Ikea here we come!), and so I will probably be putting a lot of these books away until then.

I have also been playing around with the Iphone and taking photos again with it.  You may have noticed that my new photos today were both taken with it (hence their slightly funky colorations).  I found a new app to play around with called Photo HDR, although I’m not really sure how well it does high dynamic range, it does offer some fun possibilities.  Here is a photo of my living room, a complete mess, taken with the Iphone:

If you are online, and bored, I also found this website that might eat up all of my free time: http://random-tutorial.com/

It’s a site where you just click a button and you are brought to a random craft tutorial.  However, one downside is that you have to go to the actual blog site and post in order to pin it, which kind of sucks.



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