Painting and updating a cute entry table {Ivysaur colour palette} WIP

This week I finally started a project that I had known that I wanted to do for some time.. only I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do (colour/ style etc wise).  Last week, I got a great idea that is inspired by my favorite Pokemon: Ivysaur!  (not that I don’t love Bulbasaur, and technically the table will still fit in as a Bulbasaur table any ways)

The table sits against a wall by our front entry way (between our entry way, and the doors to the kitchen actually).  We found the table outside, at some point (a few years ago already).  It is solid wood and generally made well so I’m excited to make it beautiful!  Now, this is the table in question:


The paint job was pretty rough, a lot of paint had chipped off.  Plus the colour seemed to be this dirty yellow-ish colour that always looked dirty.

Pre-sanding, showing the inside of the drawer.

The first thing I did was clean it, then I used a sanding block to rough up the entire thing.  I took off the knob, only to have it rip off a bunch of paint from the front (since the knob was painted onto the drawer, le sigh). This actually made the table look cleaner and nicer already, as I had sanded off the dirty old gloss.

Post-sanding, removed the knob.

After I had a rough idea/ plan in my head about how I was painting it, I decided to start on the drawer.  Originally I wanted to paint the front of the drawer, but the damage caused by removing the knob, plus the already damaged top right corner means that I need to be a little more crafty. But, I have painted the inside of the drawer and am pretty happy with how it is turning out.

New plan for the front, first two layers on inside of drawer.

I plan on having the table entirely painted by the end of next week.  I think I will want some type of varnish or gloss for it (at least for the top, possible the bottom shelf and the drawer though).  But I need to learn a bit more about finishes for furniture first.  I also need to purchase a new knob, but I plan on shopping around a bit for it first.

Thanks for checking out my newest project!



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