Happy Valentine’s Day!

My partner and I don’t exactly celebrate Valentine’s day.  I admit, we do buy candy and chocolates (although not till tomorrow), it is more because we just want to eat candy and chocolate, and not out of some weird sense of obligation or expectation.  We have a pretty healthy relationship (I think any ways), we spend a lot of time together, doing a lot of different things.  This past Christmas, we decided to try a new hobby out: model Gundam kits.

So, for Christmas, we bought three, one for each of us, and then one to assemble together.

This is what the model kit looks like when you open the box: a lot of blisters of pieces and an instruction manual that is not in English (but thankfully has nicely detailed images).

This was our joint Gundam.  It has great jointing, allowing for good pose-ability and is really stable for standing.  We weren’t too thrilled by the matte pastel colours though (oh well!)

That’s my Gundam in the front.  It is a Nobelle Gundam Berserker model, also known by many as “the Sailor Moon Gundam”.  Although, overall I think that she looks more like Classic Sailor V than Sailor Moon (the shoes, the hair being main reasons).  She has terrible joints in her ankles, making it impossible to pose her without a frame.  Her legs also fall off really easily.  My partner’s Gundam is visible in the back, I forget what model it is, but it’s joints are rather in between mine and our joint Gundam’s in terms of stability and poses.



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