Kitchen decorating {initial planning and before pictures}

So, I am continuing to work on my kitchen (and break through my decorating fears and just go for it).  Since I plan on documenting this entire room’s make-over, I thought it was important to post some ugly before pictures.

view from the doors- right side

view from the doors- left side

counter space beside the fridge

view from the window


window plants!

So, there are some things in this kitchen that I can’t change (no matter how much I want to), because of both time, money and skills reasons.  Such as the tiles, floor and cabinets.  Key areas that need attention include the fridge (and the counter beside the fridge), and the plants at the window.

Today I went to a hardware store, picked up some paint (and so I had to pick up some paint samples too…).  I picked a colour for the kitchen doors, and I think I picked new hardware for those doors too (although I didn’t pick them up).

I picked up these Martha Stewart paint samples for only $1!  I was only going to buy the light green and teal, but when I found out they were on clearance, I decided to pick up a bunch.  I’m sure I’ll use them!

Finally, here is my “colour palette” for the kitchen (although this is a pretty loose colour scheme, it gives a general idea for the colours and moods I am hoping to have):


4 thoughts on “Kitchen decorating {initial planning and before pictures}

    • I love all the planning and deciding with painting.. the actual act of painting.. well I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun after. ^_^ What colour did you pain your kitchen?

    • I just happened to be in the right place at the right time! I was looking at the paints for a long time, having a hard time deciding (as always), when, as I was looking at the Martha Stuart paint samples (which were labelled as on-sale at 3.99), an employee came over and said that they just found out that the samples are now on clearance for $1. I went back the next day to buy more, but they had already sold out. :(

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