It is Okay to Fail Sometimes {keep trying}

{includes 2011 projects}

Originally, I had a post started for yesterday about my kitchen.  It included new “before” pictures, a colour palette, and a rough outline of plans.  But, due to some unexpected events, I completely forgot to actually *post* it online.  So, instead of simply posting that today, I have decided to write a new post (and save said kitchen post for tomorrow, which is really for the best as I now have plans to go to a hardware store and pick up paint!).

So, even though I am a little upset that I forgot to post yesterday, I know that it is important to keep going anyways.  Its okay to fail sometimes, in fact, I think it is even inevitable to fail sometimes.  

I have made a few plushies that have turned out to be failures, or in need of some serious pattern re-work, such as this incredibly awkward, plum Jackolope, or my original Dante-pillar (which is a cat mixed with a caterpillar respectably).

Not a complete failure.. but needs a lot of work.

This is a basic kid’s science experiment that I managed to complete destroy:

Yeah, that’s Rock Candy solution.  I tried to make it for my partner’s birthday.  Instead of sweet candy forming, however, I got weird fluffy mold growths!

But the real point is, you can’t let failure, or disappointment stop you from moving forward.

I started this clay doll months ago.  I designed her, sculpted her head and torso out of foam, and sculpted her head out of clay… and yet, I never managed to make time to keep working on her.  But today, I am going to start working on her again.  Also, I found this cool feature on Pinterest the other day, it lets you see all of the pins from a specific source.  It’s really awesome to see what has been pinned from my blog on there, click here to see.



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