Focused Decorating {starting in the kitchen}

The other day, my partner and I realized that our “move to Toronto” goal is now less than two years away!  It has already been half a year since we decided we were moving to Toronto (and when).  It really made me take a step back and look at what I have done around the house to prepare it for selling and for living in now.  I had been trying to somewhat organize the entire house, and I was focusing on decorating the living room.  Organizing and purging is slowly, but surely, getting done (despite a few set backs).. but plans for the living room have kind of come to a stand-still.  We decided that the next big change we need in there are simply bigger, taller bookcases.  In the Spring, we plan on making a trip to Ikea, and so the living room is officially being “put on hold”.  So, in order to encourage myself, I have decided to work in my tiny tiny kitchen.  I have the most “solid” ideas for that room, plus the projects I have in mind are both cost-effective and personally do-able.

In an attempt to keep myself on track, and have some clear ideas as I go, I made a board on Pinterest that will include lots of inspiration, ideas, and images of my own kitchen (so that I can see everything all together).  Check it out here.

I need to create a colour plan scheme, I have been playing around with a few online colour makers but none of them I enjoy using.. so if you know any palette makers, etc, let me know in the comments!

And, to give an idea of the space that I am working with, here is a floor plan I found online that is *almost* the exact same layout of my main level (the only big difference is that the stairs are on the other wall, right by the kitchen).

I plan on creating my own floor plan as I am decorating and updating this blog, but for now, this almost floor plan will have to do!  Thanks for reading.



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