Staying Productive {craft swaps, forums and the internet}

I am easily distracted.  I frequently think that looking online for three hours is considered “inspiration” or “research”.  I don’t give myself enough time to do the stuff I *actually* need to do (organizing, crafting, diy-ing, cooking… gah). Controlling my internet time and usage is a BIG part of my 2012 goals.  Despite trying to pare down internet time, I still post on Craftster, and I still love to do craft swaps.

Currently, I am doing an on-going Birthday swap (since my birthday was this month).  This type of swap is different, in that you pick people to make gifts for, and people pick you to make gifts for (based on a list you make and your communication).  I have already sent out one gift, which was a cell phone case:

Teal wool felt, with rich brown accents, and bright yellow stitching

It was made based off of these cases, originally designed and made by Etsy seller Hine.  I felt a little weird about making something completely based off of a product someone else makes and sells, so I made sure to create something that still my own.  I used some 100% felted wool for the main casing, and used eco-felt as the liner and for details.  This made it a bit thicker and heavier than the originals.  It is kept closed with Velcro. It has a slot on the bottom for head phones and a small pocket on the back (much like the originals).

Check out the Craftster thread, showing off all of the January birthday gifts here.

I am also signed up for an OTT (one tiny thing) Anime swap, and am already started on that project too.. so expect another swap update in a few weeks!

What I love about craft swaps, and about posting on Craftster is that it really pushes me to create.  With swaps, I get to make something that I otherwise would probably never make.  Being able to post projects is also really great, a lot of people will respond with feedback and criticisms, helpful tips or ideas.  Craftster just released their “best of 2011” list and.. my “IT Came From Beneath the Sea” silk screen actually made it on!  See my fancy new badge on the side there?  This makes me pretty happy, I must say.  This reminds me of the fact that I have about 15 of these prints sitting in my portfolio.. maybe its time to pull them out and sell a couple of them?

Thanks for reading, as always



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