White Catopus {hand sewn original collectible plush}

{2011 PROJECT}

My sister Amanda has supported my efforts and small business from the start.  She was my first “official” customer.  At the time of her first purchase, she really wanted to purchase a catopus, however I only have four finished and it was only a few weeks till Shock Stock.  I promised her I would make her a unique catopus after Shock Stock.  Well, as life usually goes, her catopus was delayed.  After Shock Stock, we found out about our sick kitty, and we needed to raise money for his operation.  I had no time to sew, as I worked extra hours serving and trying to sell the left over merchandise from Shock Stock.  Amanda even bought a few items during that period to help us too.  I wanted to make sure that her catopus was extra special, and so I present to you my newly adjusted Catopus design:

extra long tentacles, a slimmer face, and longer neck

Thanks for looking!



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