{New Challenges, Updated Goals, Adjusted Routines} A New Year

I admit, I have never been a fan of “new year’s resolutions”.  My new year’s resolution for as long as I can remember making serious resolutions (which is probably around the age of 16) has been to gain weight.  Yes, you read that right.. gain weight.  I have approached this in various ways, and with varying enthusiasm.  When I was 16, my approach was probably not very healthy, and I probably used my resolution as an excuse to eat a lot of chips and candy.  When I was 20 I realized that this approach wasn’t working (despite my best efforts).  So, that year I actually researched weight gain.  I learned that healthy weight gain requires a low-fat, high calorie diet.  But again, a year went by and no weight was gained (and another, and another).   Recently however, I have discovered that it is not simply my diet that is stopping me from gaining weight.  It’s my habits, personality and daily life that is stopping me.

This year, my new years resolution is not to gain weight.  My resolution is to continue trying to arrange my life in a way that keeps me happy, keeps Korpolfr happy, and keeps our kitties happy.  This includes a lot of things, and a lot of work.  It also means that I need to accept my previous failures, and really acknowledge why I failed.  I need to evaluate my life on a daily basis and work towards the future that I want.

I know that things don’t change over night, and I know that despite how much work I do sometimes I will still fail.

But the point is, to keep working towards that future, and enjoy the present.


While on the topic of failures, I should really talk about this blog.  No, I don’t think that this blog is a failure, but I have neglected it (and after I promised not to!).  To be honest, I was embarrassed at first, when I let it go two weeks without an update.  So I didn’t update.  Now, it has almost been a month, and I am making this post. I have projects that I completed literally last summer that I still haven’t posted.

But embarrassment is not the only reason I never blogged.  Another big big reason was simply that I never made time to do it.  This is a problem I struggle with constantly.  I have millions of post ideas, tonnes of photos ready to be posted, and yet I just can’t bring myself to post on a regular basis.  In an attempt to combat this issue, I am going to start having a blogging schedule.   I’m not a big fan of the alliterated theme day organization, such as Fashion Fridays.  But I do think that having a simple and basic schedule for when I have to blog will be a good way for me to start updating more often.

So, I plan on posting a regular twice a week.  One of those posts every week can be a screen shot, or photograph.  One of those posts must be directly related to my art, crafts and DIY related work.  I will post every Tuesday and Thursday.  I can post more than twice a week, but I must post on those two days.

As for those completed projects that I never got around to posting last year.. well I’m not going to simply throw them out.  I will keep posting them, however they will be clearly marked as 2011 projects.  I want this blog to current and as “real-time” to my life as possible.


I have a lot of exciting plans and ideas for 2012, and I hope that you stick around to find out what they are.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy where I take this blog over the next year.



One thought on “{New Challenges, Updated Goals, Adjusted Routines} A New Year

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